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Advanced Data Warehouse Administrator (569060)

Placement Services USA, Inc.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Not provided
December 03, 2018

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Performs Upgrades, Installation, Maintenance and Migration of Teradata EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) systems to bring in new database features, keep it updated, operationalized and improve the Teradata analytical capabilities. Uses various Backup and Recovery (BAR) utilities and Net-backup to create and perform backup jobs of data residing in Teradata system that can be restored/recovered in the event of a data loss or data corruption. Set-up and maintain Auto-Image-Replication (AIR) to transfer the backup files across the DR site (Disaster Recovery) and perform disaster recovery exercises for Teradata EDW systems to prove technical capability in place to support the recovery of mission critical and essential services within defined recovery timeline. Administers Teradata system utilities such as Packdisk, Scandisk, Checktable, Recovery manager, Showlocks and various other system utilities to check and repair errors in filesystem, data structure, rollback operations, and locking contention. Configures Viewpoint Workload Management (TASM) Teradata Active System Mgmt. to optimize the system workload, improve concurrent operations from diverse user groups to ensure more consistent response times for critical work. Performs Teradata Physical implementation of database objects by choosing right kind of Indexes (Primary Index, Join Index, Secondary Index, Hash Index etc.) to improve database query performance. Implements Teradata best practices by collaborating with Data Integration specialists for better SQL code. Implements Block level (BLC) and Multi-Value (MVC) Compression on Teradata system to reduce the permanent space and spool (temporary) space usage, optimize the space availability and to minimize the IO operations. Administers Users/ Databases/Objects, Roles, Profiles creation. Manages Access and security through Roles based access control & Profiles on all EDW business users/batch and database objects as per company level security standards. Configures system alerts to remain informed about system resource status such as space, CPU, IO, Long running queries, system heartbeat and health, AWT (Amp Worker Task), Memory, etc. when it exceeds a defined threshold limit, so proactive action can be taken to minimize the service degradation and disruption.

Requires five (5) years’ experience as Teradata Database Administrator. Skills must include each of the following: Teradata database system upgrades, migration and Teradata Node level expansion. Performance optimization of Teradata database systems, optimization of user, batch and dashboard queries using PDCR (Performance Data Collection and Reporting), Viewpoint and TASM Workload Management. Using BAR utilities and Net-backup. Space allocation and compression implementation. Using system utilities such as Packdisk, Scandisk, Checktable, Recovery manager and showlocks. Replication and Data movement activity across different Teradata systems as part of Data Recovery (DR) plan. Creating, enhancing and managing database objects, indexes, access rights, roles, and profiles. Allocating and managing space, implementing Compression. Setting up Alerts. Certifications Required: Teradata Administration; Teradata Physical Design and Implementation; Teradata SQL.

Bachelor’s or foreign equivalent degree in Information Technology or closely related.

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