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Exercise Physiologist (EP)

Entourage Consulting LLC
Hawaii, United States
December 06, 2018


Entourage is accepting resumes for Exercise Physiologist. Please send your resume information to us.

General Description:

The successful candidate shall provide the functional support by performing the following duties.

Specific Tasks:

You shall establish and administer effective strength and conditioning protocols to maximize the physical performance of individual TACP (13L/1C4) operators. These protocols will ensure tactical conditioning by monitoring and resolving performance trends while addressing individual needs. You shall provide routine fitness reports to the appointed commander or designated representative and maintain a professional relationship with the operators’ medical support staff to resolve problem areas.

• You shall perform initial evaluation, review and/or design individualized training program, and establish records for all TACP Operators.

• You shall coordinate individualized exercise programs for all TACP Operators within the unit to ensure a safe and expeditious return to training of individuals recovering from injury.

• You shall design and implement physical training programs to ensure proper functional movement fitness routines to increase energy system development, strength training, endurance, mobility, and power development.

• You shall design and monitor physical training programs for all TACP Operators who are on temporary duty (TDY) or deployed.

• You shall design squadron-wide group physical training sessions geared towards the operations personnel. Support personnel should be permitted to join operator physical training sessions on a non-interference basis.

• You shall perform TACP Operator performance testing that includes the following minimum (these tests are in addition to any mandated Air Force testing):

1. Conduct the TACP/ALO Tier II Operator Fitness Test (Minimum of 1x per year/per operator). The requirements for this test is outlined in an Air Force Guidance Memorandum (AFGM) and will soon be incorporated into an Air Force Manual (AFMAN).

2. Conduct Functional Movement Screening (2x per year); only required 1x per year if individual scores greater than 14 with no pain and no asymmetries.

• You shall provide instruction and guidance to individuals on physical conditioning and injury prevention.

• You shall collaborate with registered dietician or nutritionist quarterly to provide nutrition education and evaluation for TACP operators to increase performance and transform body compositions.

• You shall refer all personnel under his/her purview with an apparent new or undiagnosed medical condition (beyond the scope of your ability) to seek medical attention with the physical therapist for evaluation and treatment. If treatment requires additional actions, then the physical therapist will refer the personnel to the local Military Treatment Facility. This needs to be included in the regular report. You shall not provide any physical treatment to injured operators.

• You shall contact the personnel in-charge in writing with any issues related to operator scheduling, training and deployment cycles.

• You shall attend squadron commander staff meetings when requested to review and evaluate physical training programs and identify opportunity for improvement.

• You shall perform administrative duties such as maintaining records of workload.

• You shall assist with physical conditioning and human performance center supply inventories. Provide input to organization regarding supply needs and optimal equipment.

• You shall ensure equipment and facilities are properly organized, utilized, inspected and in safe working condition. Report to unit commander any equipment not in safe working order.

• You shall perform work on site during normal duty day and support occasional surge operations.

• You shall advise the Government on layout of the squadron inherent human performance facilities.

• You shall assist in developing facility standard operating procedures, guidelines, and exercise protocols including the safe use of strength and conditioning equipment.