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The most powerful spiritual native doctor in yoruba land nigeria

Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State, Nigeria
November 11, 2018


Baba Fasakin Orimolusi

I greet you wit the peace of GOD My name is BABATUNDE I Am here to introduced you the man called

BABA FASAKIN ORIMOLUSI(a.k.a BABA IJEBU that using LEAFS nd HERBS to help people's under the planet

of GOD. BABA FASAKIN is here to let peoples know more abt ROOTS nd HERBS,also let them to benefit of it..

Its d man dat GOD sent to help peoples under the planet wit the LEAFS nd HERBS,but not to do bad.. BABA

FASAKIN is so kind nd also hate d people telling Lie's, you can come to him for anykind of your problems, I pray

that everytin wil be solve by d powerful grace of GOD...You can also come to ask about your life status from

ORACLE, that is one of d messengers if GOD in traditional ways... We easy to locate as you directed nd our

product is also very cheap as much as u request of help... Peoples talk much abt TRADITIONAL WORK, bcos the

bad peoples has spoiled d goods,there is no darkness market in dis nd dere is also no forcing in it, but you can

try us today, bcos a problem share us a fully solve by d powerful grace of GOD nd d 200spirits Home

address:ijebu Igbo Ogun state Nigeria... Hotline: 08110807883 MOTTO:we did not bring anything when we

are coming to this life and we can't take anything when we are going back You can Seek for HEALTH,

WEALTH and also POWER to control everything,but please do not do or ask for what will affect ur life or ask for

BLOOD MONEY or sumthing involve HUMAN PART My prayer for everybody is dat it HAPPINESS dat wil end

our SORROW(Amen)..08110807883