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General Motors( Driver CDL) Beaverton, OR

Cardinal) Recruiter-Call Patricia @ 469-200-6772) Omo Ola LogisticsnA
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
November 12, 2018


A typical day: Operation are open from 6:00am to an average of 5:00pm

Drivers start their day between 8:00pm to12:00am where they deliver GM

Pat’s to their respective dealerships and count the freight and reflect what was delivered or shorted on the delivery receipts.?Shuttle drivers leave Beaverton, OR to Reno, NV Single drivers leave at 4:30 am and layover

In Reno until until their trailer is ready and driver back. Team driver leave at 2:30 on Monday’s and once in Reno they swap seats and drive back.

Company Driver

Fleet Composition: Van/ Sleeper

Requirements: Doubles Endorsement

Domicile/ Hiring Areas: We also hire out of Summ, WA for our northbound GM Delivery Drivers

Average length of Haul: 7-11 hours of driving per day

Average Miles per week: Shuttle drivers drive 367 miles a day, average route drivers drive 200 miles a day

Average Gross weekly pay: Toute drivers average $850 per week, Reno Shuttle drivers $1000 per week

Average Gross annual: average $46,000 to $50,000 a year