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Clinical Nurse - Urology & Orthopedic Unit

Entourage Consulting LLC
Houston, Texas, United States
October 12, 2018


Entourage is accepting resumes for this excellent role. Please send your resume information to us.

Job Summary:

A 32 bed Surgical Urology and Orthopaedic Unit for adult patient population. This fast-paced environment has rapid turnover for surgical procedures which includes: postoperative prostatectomy, cystectomy, penectomy, nephrectomy, and orthopaedic surgeries. Unique postoperative care of hemipelvectomy, flap monitoring, and testicular cancer surgeries are managed on this unit. Epidural, nerve block, and patient-controlled analgesia are some of the choice anesthetic agents used for pain management. Patient education related to urinary diversion, wound care, and drain care are most commonly taught.

Specific Tasks:

• You shall be accountable for the management and provision of patient care in assigned area.

• You shall assess patient's needs for nursing care and multidisciplinary team.

• You shall collaborate with physicians, other services, patient and patient's family to plan care and evaluate outcomes.

• You shall improve practice by integrating results and theories of research studies.

• You shall participate in data collection for current studies.

• You shall demonstrate clinical competency and compassion in providing care, using technology, administering medications, performing procedures and managing emergencies.

• You shall document care according to established standards.

• You shall access, inputs and retrieves information from computer systems.

• You shall assure continuity of care through appropriate discharge planning, patient education and coordination of services.

• You shall act as a patient and family advocate in order to uphold patient rights.

• You shall train, coach and assist team members to ensure optimum patient care and efficient use of resources.


• Required: Graduation from an accredited school of professional nursing.

• Preferred: Bachelor of Science in Nursing.


• Required: None.

• Preferred: 12 months of recent RN experience.


• Required: Current State of Texas Professional Nursing license (RN).

• Preferred: Certification in oncology or specialty practice area.