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Drug & Alcohol Program Manager

NJ Transit
Maplewood, New Jersey, United States
October 11, 2018



1. Manages the daily activities of the Drug & Alcohol Testing Technicians (DATT’s) and program procedures and processes to ensure that all required Drug & Alcohol (D&A) testing is done properly, on schedule and in strict adherence with all federal regulations and NJ TRANSIT’s Drug & Alcohol-Free Workplace policies.

2. Serves as Designated Employee Representative (DER) and confers with the MRO on positive results and communicates with managers whose staff must be tested and/or had positive test results and provides guidance in accordance with NJ TRANSIT’s D&A policies. Meets with all employees who test positive and refers them to their department supervision and/or EAP as appropriate.

3. Interprets and keeps updated on the DOT (Department of Transportation) Drug & Alcohol regulations covering the FRA (Federal Railroad Administration), FTA (Federal Transit Administration) and FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) to ensure on-going compliance. Responsible for comprehensive knowledge of regulations, such as CFR 655, 219 and 382 and DOT CFR Part 40 policies.

4. Prepares litigation documentation packages, discusses federal regulations and company policy with Labor Relations Representatives and DAG’s and serves as expert witness at union grievances, arbitrations, hearings and court proceedings as it relates to D&A issues.

5. Develops and manages Employee Assistance tracking program of employees requiring monthly Drug & Alcohol follow-up and return to duty testing.

6. Reviews and approves random schedules developed by DATT’s and makes adjustments as required. Develops monthly logs and ensures that all sign-offs, chain of custody forms and testing documentation is secured and maintained in accordance with federal regulations and department procedures. Ensures that all equipment is calibrated on schedule.

7. Must be available for 24/7 on-call duty to discuss and determine the status of incidents and criteria for testing for all post- accidents/incidents, reasonable cause and reasonable suspicion situations. Ensures that proper paperwork is completed and tests are conducted within time frame mandated by federal regulations.

8. Conducts training sessions for supervisors and D&A collectors on drug and alcohol issues including breath alcohol testing technician certification, urine specimen collection, reasonable suspicion/cause, post accident for Rail and Bus Operations and 219 compliance. Develops and conducts new courses and briefing sessions, as required.

9. Reviews D&A files and documentation regularly to ensure that files are complete, secure and maintained in accordance with federal regulations. Conducts mock audits and assists in retrieving required files and responding to investigators during federal compliance audits.

10. Manages contract with Third Party Administrator who monitors and evaluates the private carriers’ drug and alcohol programs. Manages consultant to private carriers to ensure that their programs are in compliance with federal regulations.

11. Performs additional functions related to Drug & Alcohol testing as appropriate.



High School Diploma or equivalent, and five (5) years experience working as a USDOT Certified Drug & Alcohol Testing Professional training breath alcohol and urine collectors, to include two (2) years experience as a Designated Employee Representative (DER) in a corporate environment. Three (3) years supervisory experience preferred. Proficiency in testing procedures, calibrating equipment, testing documentation and security of testing files is required. Must be experienced in interpretation of the Federal Regulations such as CFR 655, 219 and 382, union contracts and Department of Transportation CFR Part 40 policies. Must have extensive experience in managing union contracts for hearing and arbitration purposes to defend the Agency's positions and policies and staff of the certifying laboratory. Candidate is required to be on call 24 hours a day. Must be willing to work irregular hours, including weekends and holidays.

Equal Opportunity Employer