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InfoSec Engineer

CareWorks Technologies
Columbus, Ohio, United States
December 05, 2018


For more than 18 years, CareWorks Tech has been delivering technology solutions that drive results. As your advocate, the common thread across our associates is crafting the right tech-savvy solutions. Whether it’s IT Consulting, Infrastructure Services, Security, Enterprise Service Management or Interactive, we’re all about finding solutions that advance your career aspirations. Our ongoing client relationships speak to our long-term collaborative partnerships.

Position Description: In this role you must be able to perform hands-on support for a wide range of security technologies including but not limited to: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), IDS/IPS, Managed Security Services (MSS), Behavior Detection, Vulnerability Scanning and Data Loss Prevention Program (DLP). Your primary responsibilities will be to monitor, investigate, analyze both raw and normalized network traffic, correlate connected sequences of events, detect incidents, reconstructed into timelines for analysis, identify malicious network activity, and generally against in conducting defensive cyber space operations network infrastructure and intellectual property. Additionally, you will lead the technical direction initiatives while designing and implementing security solutions for security technical infrastructure and you must be able to clearly articulate your ideas and solutions during incidents.


Remote Operational support position to identify, investigate, contain and remediate security incidents utilizing existing tools including but not limited to SIEM, Endpoint Protection, IDS/IPS, DLP, Web Gateway and Proxy Appliances and Vulnerability scanners.

Create, test and deploy new access control rules, signatures, and then validate results via post-deployment report

Ability to evaluate risk to the company and apply this methodology to active incidents / vulnerabilities

Conduct security assessments to proactively and/or reactively identify new vulnerabilities within the network

Creates and implements engineering methodologies to monitor operation of IT systems to detect suspicious activity that could indicate an attempted or actual intrusion involving Windows, UNIX, Linux, Email, or mobile platforms.

Engineers security technology solutions such as but not limited to: signature based threat detection and prevention, anti-botnet prevention, vulnerability detection, stateful inspection, virtual private networks and secure proxy, access control systems, open source and enterprise forensic tools, SIEM, anti-virus or advanced threat detection, etc.

Advanced trouble-shooting skills

Experienced design and development; cross systems technical knowledge; subject matter expertise in one or more technical areas; demonstrates knowledge of technologies beyond core focus of initial study

Daily Tasks Performed

Identify, investigate, contain and remediate security incidents utilizing existing tools within SIEM

Create, test and deploy new access control rules, signatures, and then validate results via post-deployment report

Evaluate risk to the company and apply this methodology to active incidents

Strong analytic and critical thinking skills and subject matter expertise

Attend operational and status calls (as needed)

Business Experience

5 to 7 years of combined IT and security work experience with a broad range of exposure to systems analysis, applications development, database design and administration

1 to 2 years of experience with Information Security (InfoSec)


BA/ BS in Information Technology, Computer Science or related field or equivalent work experience

Knowledge of security policies and interprets policies

Understanding of a specific security application or tool and how it works

Ability to assess security safeguards

Ability to deal with threats and intermediate level incidents

Ability to deal with intrusions at a moderate threat level

Knowledge of information security principles including risk assessment

The CareWorks Family of Companies is committed to providing career opportunity and growth to all Associates without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, medical condition or disability.

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Thank you for considering CareWorks Tech for your next career opportunity. CareWorks Tech is not your typical technology company. We are part of the CareWork’s family of companies which is one of Ohio’s largest managed care organizations, serving over 115,000 employers and owned by York Risk Services Group. We have 4 guiding principles: (1) Customer Commitment (2) Attitude of Service (3) Respect for the Individual and Team and (4) Exceeding Expectations. We invest in your training, professional development, benefits (medical, 401k, paid holidays/vacation, etc.) and personally focus on your career success. We have operations in 85 locations worldwide and employ 5,000+ people.