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IT Project Coordinator

CareWorks Technologies
Columbus, Ohio, United States
November 05, 2018


For more than 18 years, CareWorks Tech has been delivering technology solutions that drive results. As your advocate, the common thread across our associates is crafting the right tech-savvy solutions. Whether it’s IT Consulting, Infrastructure Services, Security, Enterprise Service Management or Interactive, we’re all about finding solutions that advance your career aspirations. Our ongoing client relationships speak to our long-term collaborative partnerships.

Position Description: This is an IT Project Coordinator position that is responsible for hardware refresh, software currency, configuration compliance, and vulnerability management of Network infrastructure at all locations including the data centers. Your primary responsibilities will be creating measures, metrics, and data analytics for technical results. The position will also do project preparation research, project coordination, and work collaboratively with team members to drive results. You will be highly aligned with Team Managers in order help provide relevant data and input into decisions and planning processes. Changes that affect scope, schedule and resources are identified, managed and controlled with an integrated and cohesive plan. Scope is defined, approved, managed, controlled; ensuring completed deliverable(s) are accepted and implemented. Schedules need to be developed and managed to on-time delivery expectations. Costs need to be estimated and managed to deliver project within customer approved budget, while preserving profit margins.

Required Skills:

Metrics and Analytics, Project Coordination, Interpersonal Communication (written and verbal), Presentation skills to create and deliver

Desired Skills:

Solid experience/knowledge of networking concepts, demonstrated leadership ability (Team Lead, Project Lead)

The CareWorks Family of Companies is committed to providing career opportunity and growth to all Associates without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, medical condition or disability.

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Thank you for considering CareWorks Tech for your next career opportunity. CareWorks Tech is not your typical technology company. We are part of the CareWork’s family of companies which is one of Ohio’s largest managed care organizations, serving over 115,000 employers and owned by York Risk Services Group. We have 4 guiding principles: (1) Customer Commitment (2)Attitude of Service (3) Respect for the Individual and Team and (4) Exceeding Expectations. We invest in your training, professional development, benefits (medical, 401k, paid holidays/vacation, etc.) and personally focus on your career success. We have operations in 85 locations worldwide and employ 5,000+ people.