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Administrative Front Desk Receptionist

Entourage Consulting LLC
Altus Afb, Oklahoma, United States
March 25, 2019


General Description:

Administrative Front Desk Receptionist is responsible for receiving telephone calls, greet visitors, ascertain the nature of the call or visit, direct clients to the appropriate program manager in the Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC), schedule clients for A&FRC workshops/classes and provide complete and clear information that most routine or procedural issues, customer intake assessments, information and referral marketing A&FRC programs, some information technology related tasks—all requiring independent judgement.

Specific Tasks:

• You shall open the A&FRC Front Desk and DRC, to include the following:

1. Turn on lights, fans, and equipment; log computers onto main menus; stock

printers with paper; and ensure daily sign-in log is current.

2. Inventory computer equipment. Report loss or damage to the Equipment Custodian within 30 minutes.

3. Ensure adequate housekeeping is accomplished each day to maintain a neat, clean and professional environment at all times (i.e., dusting, straightening papers, cleaning surfaces/floors, stocking materials, etc.)

• You shall provide services to authorized A&FRC clients, to include the following:

1. Meet and greet customers upon entry to A&FRC, ensuring all customers are logged into AFFIRST and/or have signed in for computers in Discovery Center.

2. Assist with the administration of Personnel Readiness Inventory (PRI) or future A&FRC assessment tool along with Statement of Understanding to all customers arriving in Discovery Center waiting for appointments with Community Readiness Consultant or Specialists (CRC/CRS) or other A&FRC staff.

3. Provide Information and Referral (I&R) assistance to phone and walk-in customers, and other phone customers in the absence of the Community Readiness Assistant when needed, directing customers to appropriate A&FRC staff member as necessary.

4. Provide knowledgeable information regarding referral agencies to include, but not limited to, those listed in the DRC.

5. Check-in/out resource materials. Verify authorized patrons through use of military/family member/civilian ID card prior to issuing resource materials. Make telephone calls to recover materials not returned within the established time frame.

6. Assist clients with technical questions concerning use of computer programs and formatting of materials to be printed, such as but not limited to resumes.

7. Answer A&FRC phone line within three (3) rings, assisting callers with A&FRC services and class information and registration if requested, and directing calls to appropriate staff member. Make appropriate A&FRC Staff appointment bookings on customer’s behalf.

8. Perform minor troubleshooting on computers, printers, TVs and DVD players, to include keeping printers loaded with paper, clearing paper jams, changing toner cartridges, ensuring cables are connected, assisting with using remote controls, ensuring customers know how to use equipment.

9. Post new job listings as received and purge outdated listings on a weekly basis within the Discovery Center.

10. Assist customers with the A&FRC computers in Discovery Center (e.g. login and showing location of websites).

11. Coordinate with A&FRC personnel when necessary to ensure customers receive correct information and/or are referred to appropriate resources and assistance.

12. Maintain Discovery Center notebooks and literature, ensuring Core Compliance A&FRC staff are notified when materials need to be replenished.

13. Ensure Discovery Center is neat and organized.

14. Ensure all printers/copiers are always supplied with paper and toner, notifying A&FRC Chief or NCOIC when more supplies are required.

15. Provide orientations of the Discovery Center for walk-in customers and workshop participants. Update and provide handouts as appropriate.

16. Check out books and/or videos for loan and follow up on their return.

17. Ensure all customers sign in to the A&FRC to document usage of Discovery Center and A&FRC programs.

18. Ensure all customers visiting the A&FRC for something other than the Discovery Center complete and sign the Statement of Understanding forms. Until process is automated, will scan all signed consent forms into AFFIRST.

19. Conduct weekly checks of client computer usage, insuring that computers are being used for job search functions, relocation issues, deployment contacts, and not for unauthorized Internet sites. Ensure computer workstations are clean, neat, and orderly. Wipe down computer workstations and computers on a daily basis.

20. Input and track Discovery Center and A&FRC visits in the AFFIRST data tracking system as needed throughout the day.

21. Inventory Discovery Center items upon initial assumption of duties and continue to track inventory of items, notifying, A&FRC Relocation CCE, NCOIC or Chief of A&FRC when items are damaged, lost, stolen and in need of replacement.

22. Ensure all items checked out from Discovery Center are recorded in AFFIRST, and that customers have completed lending agreements for items on file and in their possession.

23. Prepare and send appropriate reminder memos to customers regarding return of checked out items and materials.

24. Complete monthly marketing and maintain social media website to advertise A&FRC programs to Altus community.

25. Provide assistance to customers faxing approved documents.

26. You shall clear user CAC/PKI certificates from Internet Explorer at least weekly.

27. You shall clear the temporary Internet files folder weekly.

28. You shall check for current operating system software weekly and install updates to system and applications (programs) as needed.

• You shall close the DRC.

• You shall police each area daily for general cleanliness.

• You shall clear tables/workstations:

1. Empty recycling boxes and remove trash

2. Turn off equipment, fans and lights

3. Inventory computer equipment at the end of each shift. Report loss or damage to the Equipment Custodian within 30 minutes.

4. Secure windows and doors of the room/building.

• You shall document accountability statistics and resource use.

• You shall maintain sign-in logs for the A&FRC, DRC computer room and Loan Locker. Ensure each client signs the log upon arrival. File current logs as well as those from the previous fiscal year in the DRC.

1. Maintain accountability statistics on client-used resources. Develop charts, logs, and statistical summaries as directed by A&FRC management.

2. Document client contact statistics and resource use in Air Force Family Integrated Results Statistical Tracking (AFFIRST) daily.

3. Complete reports and accounting on programs, give briefings/status updates when needed, ensure programs meet guidelines, establish/recommend changes and manage personnel/data associated with programs.

• You shall perform administrative duties to include printing, copying/collating, folding, stapling, and envelope stuffing/addressing/mailing.

• You shall be responsible for general housekeeping. Areas shall have a neat, clean and professional appearance at all times.

• You shall attend and record weekly A&FRC staff meetings to ensure compliance with agency vision, mission. Typed staff meeting minutes will be completed/provided NLT 2 working days after staff meeting for distribution to A&FRC personnel.

• You shall work closely with A&FRC leadership to address concerns with the DRC.


• You must be proficient in applying and troubleshooting Microsoft Office Suite applications to include MS Windows, MS Word, MS excel, MS PowerPoint and must quickly become proficient on other available resource software in order to maintain integrated reports using Microsoft Word with Excel spreadsheet and data analysis.

• You must have basic communication skills appropriate in the professional environment of the A&FRC.

• Minimum of 12 college credit hours in social work or social services is required; or a minimum of one- year experience working in an Air Force A&FRC or a similar helping service agency environment will be a suitable substitute.

• You must have at least one full year left on DERO’s from start of the contract.

• You must have a basic understanding of military protocol, support group organizations, understanding of family systems in a military setting, and poses the ability to communicate and work effectively with a diverse population.

• You shall have knowledge of A&FRC functions, speak and write the English language fluently.