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Accounting/Finance Associate

Palo Alto, California, 94304, United States
July 30, 2019



Process In-house Checks Payment runs for Will Call (DAPER/CWC/PWC), Leases (AP), Garnishments (Payroll), Escheatments.

Campus Run - Drop off Checks, Payroll Checks, T and P-Cards, Pick up 20410 PO Box Mail and Check Deposits, SLAC

Pick-up Mail (20410 PO Box, 3145 Front Desk, ID Mail, FSC Drop Box, Procurement Mail Slots) and sort Incoming Mail and Redirect/Research mail that don’t belong to us.

Open/Sort Invoices from Mail picked up from Post Office/Department Mail - sort and distribute to appropriate teams.

Scan Invoices for AP and scan documents for Payment Services team (Upload to AP Server, Save Soft and Hard copies)

Log checks (Refund Checks, ) Review and Research for missing info and Outreach to obtain missing info needed, Save scanned images of checks and E-mail communications when needed.

Postage for Outgoing Mail AP, TR, Payment Services, Other Depts as needed

Monitor Daily Scheduled Payments and Reports in Oracle and Report Error Payments (Zero Dollar, SUA, OutSource Checks, ACH)

Monitor Wells Fargo and JP Morgan payment file Transmission for each payment runs

Missing E-mail Remittance (Save Report, Research, Communicate with Supplier Team)

Complete/process Service Now FSC Tickets

Log Checks Returns Voids, ACH, Refund ER Checks, Fraud, No Payments issues.

Process Check Stop Payments (Wells Fargo), Check Pulls (Wells Fargo), Voids (Oracle)

Generate report for ACH Payments Returns and Reversals (Wells Fargo), Generate ACH NOC reports (Wells Fargo) and save ACH Secure Delivery reports (Wells Fargo) Voids (Oracle), Communicate to Supplier Enablement and AP/TR Processors

Run and review AP Rejected Payments Report and Communicate to Supplier Enablement and AP/TR Processors