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Teach in China at varous

Richard recruit
July 13, 2018


Hi teachers who want to come to china to teach English,

I am Richard, I specialize in providing job offers to foreigners who wish to come to China for teaching and I also answer questions regarding to visa issues.

Many teachers have found their dreaming jobs from me and I would be very glad to help you as I am quite efficient and knowledgeable in this field. I can speak English close to native speaker, so there will be more efficiency and less misunderstanding. Maybe you are aware of that there are many illegal agencies scaming foreigners to China on wrong visas and do illegal work, this kind of cases can be seen on many reports. You are never risking yourself by giving your trust on me.

I have jobs available in all kinds of placements, like kindergartens, primary and middle schools, colleges and universities as well as private language training centers at various cities in China. I am so sure that you can get your job offer from me.

I will make your journey to China smooth, happy and clear.