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Python Developer

Gambit Research
London, England, W6 7JP, United Kingdom
November 08, 2018


Purpose of the Role- As an Experienced Python Developer, you’ll be responsible for implementing new features for our system, diagnosing issues, and fixing bugs. Many of the projects you’ll work on will be

oriented to provide services for our customers, and you’ll be engaged in studying and improving how our customers interact with the system. Most of our components are written in Python, with C/C++ for high-performance components. They interface with external APIs and websites, as

well as with our core system, which is mostly written in Erlang. This normalises offers from different sources and processes a significant number of bet placements and associated information. You’ll have the chance to get up close and personal with these systems, enhancing your experience, whilst working on projects that have a real impact on the business.

Responsibilities and Duties- Your day-to-day duties will typically include:

● Designing and developing enhancements to projects, mostly using Python

● Using a range of both 1st and 3rd party libraries and technologies as appropriate for the task

● Working in a Linux environment

● Coordinating with team members on the development of large components

● Analysing sources such as log files, database tables, graphs, and code to diagnose problems, and subsequently fix them

● Researching and learning new skills and technologies as requirements evolve

● Giving input into the potential progression of the company and its systems

Skills and Competencies- You’ll have:

● Previous commercial experience of programming in an object-oriented, functional,or dynamic language.

● Experience of developing in Python

● A working knowledge of algorithms and data structures

● A working knowledge of relational databases and SQL, particularly PostgreSQL

● An interest in new technologies, theoretical computer science, and/or mathematics

● The ability to communicate well with others from a variety of backgrounds, and build strong, healthy, professional relationships

● Problem solving skills, and the tenacity to resolve technical problems that you might not have seen before

● Research and decision making skills, as you’ll be need to decide where to focus your learning, and what to focus on

● The ability to work collaboratively and productively in a team, as well as on solo projects when needed

● Openness to hear the technical suggestions of others, and find constructive solutions when these disagree with your own ideas

Qualifications and Experience- You’ll have the following:

● An excellent academic record, ideally a 2.1 (or higher) Bachelor's degree, in a relevant subject - or equivalent experience

● Previous experience of developing in a commercial environment

● Knowledge of Internet technologies and protocols

● Experience developing with Linux, including the Bash scripting and the use of shell utilities such as grep, sed, find

● An understanding of concurrency problems and solutions

● Exposure to a wide range of libraries and technologies such as Redis, Celery, Django,psycopg, Cap’n’Proto, protobuf, REST architecture

● Knowledge of virtualization and deployment solutions, such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Ansible