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Housekeeping Supervisor for Columbia Asia Hospital - Hebbal, Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
As per organisation standards
December 03, 2018


Guide and monitor to clean rooms, hallways hospital floors and surfaces using predefined cleaning methods and procedures, Sweep, scrub and polish floors, mix detergents and disinfectants and disinfect all floors and counters.

Guide and monitor to mix appropriate quantities of cleaning liquids and chemicals in accordance with Hospital safety regulations.

Guide and monitor to dust, mop and sweep patients’ room, nurses and surgical units, dust and polish hospital furniture and equipment, Guide and monitor to change linen and ensure that all soiled or dirty linen in transported to the laundry, turn mattresses and prepare rooms for new patients, make beds using clean and disinfected linen and replenish supplies such as towels, blankets, soaps and shampoos.

Guide and monitor to clean and disinfect patient’s bathroom and public restrooms, wash bathrooms and empty wastepaper baskets, replenish supplies in washrooms and rooms.

Guide and monitor to clean mirrors and windows along with polishing fittings and fixtures, wash windows and walls of every area and administrative offices.

Guide and monitor to collect dirty laundry from patients’ rooms and deliver them to washing areas.

Guide and monitor to distribute clean linen and hospital / surgical gowns to appropriate floors.

Guide and monitor to take and address patients’ complaints regarding housekeeping services.

Guide and monitor to transport trash to waste disposal areas, empty trash receptacles and ensure proper compaction of surgical waste according to hospital policies and ensure that all hospital waste is disposed-off in a proper way.

Guide and monitor to create and maintain inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment.

Inform Support Services Head of any cleaning equipment that may need repair or replacement.

Inform Support Services Head about any building hazard and assist in addressing it.

Guide and monitor to maintain a clean and organized storage area for cleaning equipment and supplies.

Guide and monitor to iron, fold and store clean laundry after tagging it with room numbers.

Guide and monitor to maintain adequate stock of cleaning supplies.

• Guide and create schedules for custodial staff to follow on a daily basis and ensure that they are followed properly. Ensure shift management is handled properly and that no shift is unmanned. Hand out housekeeping staff’s duties on a daily basis. Ensure that the housekeeping staff is working in accordance to the hospital’s rules.

• Guide and provide cleaners with supplies and equipment, such as cloths, disinfectant, washing agents and mops to assist Housekeeping Attendants in their cleaning endeavors

Oversee cleaning work done by the crew to ensure that it has been done to standard and according to procedures. Make sure that the appearance of the hospital is clean and tidy. Maintain constant awareness of the cleanliness, maintenance and repair of the hospital.

• Assist to interview, hire and train cleaning crew members to ensure that all rotating shifts are full.

• Assist to create and maintain inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment, and ensure appropriate liaison with vendors to ensure prompt delivery of both. Responsible for maintaining inventory of hospital equipment and cleaning supplies.

• Ascertain that all chemical and hospital waste is properly disposed of by following set procedures and protocols of the hospital. Ensure that all safety procedures are being taken into account when mixing chemicals and detergents. Oversee the disinfection and cleaning of hospital areas, including rooms, bathrooms, lobbies and doctors’ offices.

• Keep abreast of equipment repair or supplies replenishment needs and ensure that they are timely fulfilled.

• Ascertain that custodial staff members actively clean and turn patients’ mattresses, and change linen on a daily basis.

• Oversee the work of housekeeping staff members to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of clean linen to rooms and wards.

• Address patients’ or families’ complaints and ensure a quick resolution to ensure their satisfaction.

• Ensure that all housekeeping carts are replenished and maintained properly.

• Make sure that all cleaning supplies are appropriately labeled.

• Oversee housekeeping staff to ensure that they are properly and safely attired.

Desired Profile

- Graduate

- Relevant experience in Hospital for 7+ Years

- Cheerful and optimistic to complete tasks

- Should be Computer Literate

- Should possess decent communication in English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu

- Preferably Male Candidates

Work Place

Columbia Asia Hospital - Hebbal - Bangalore