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Global Customer Experience Manager

Transcom Worldwide Philippines Inc.
Pasig, National Capital Region, Philippines
June 20, 2017

The Global Customer Experience Manager is a specialist who is responsible primarily for managing and delivering CX projects that are focused on customer journey mapping and recommendations on business process improvement initiatives, leading to a more effortless and enjoyable end-user experience. He or she is also responsible for producing CX insights and

references based on sound data analytics, which aim to optimize the customer’s life cycle, increase customer loyalty and improve the overall customer experience.

Functional responsibilities:

*Customer Journey Mapping

“As-Is” journey mapping, or the mapping the current customer journey from an internal and/or customer experience

*Journey re-design, focused on identifying opportunities to re-design the customer journey and better fulfil customer needs

*Customer Experience Design, which provides the future journey and touch-point design co-created by stakeholders and customers

*Process Improvement and Analytics

*Mapping and documentation of the clients’ strategic and core customer experience processes

*Deliver effective process gap identification activities in order to systematically and proactively detect improvement and opportunity areas

*Conduct extensive analysis on identified gaps, quantifying not only the root causes, but also the potential solutions for recommendation

*Project Management

*Manage CX Process Improvement projects at the global level, and support related efforts within the regions

*Leads all collaboration and direct engagement or communication with clients on all identified and agreed project workstreams; responsible for project closure and handover, or transition of all related deliverables

Profile required:

*Focus on Results. Level 6 – Willingness to help and focus his/her actions on satisfying the needs,demands and expectations of clients in an excellent and efficient manner. Involves striving to ascertain and resolve client problems. The concept of «client» also includes his/her colleagues in the Organisation, regardless of the position or functional area.

*Impact and Influence. Level 6 – Involves the intention to persuade, convince, influence or impress others in order that they contribute to reaching their own goals. It is based on the desire to cause a specific effect, a certain impression or a specific procedure in others when pursuing an objective.

*Communication. Level 6 – The capacity to listen to, query and express concepts and ideas effectively, and to set forth positive and negative aspects, as well as to interpret in a transparent, clear, precise and concise manner. The ability to know how much and who to ask to carry out a resolution.

*Focus on Quality. Level 6 – Involves a willingness to carry out the work as best as possible or exceed the established standards, as well as a focus on considering strict demands with respect to the quality of his/her own work and that of others, with an active quest for on-going improvement, which implies pro-active involvement and not only limiting him/herself to fulfilling the defined requirement or task.

*Decision Making. Level 6 – The ability to identify and analyse information, situations or problems with the aim of generating different solutions and undertaking actions that enhance opportunities or facilitate the resolution of problems in order to decide what is in the best interests of the organisation, with an appropriate risk analysis resulting in achieved objectives, improved results, maintained quality and responsibility taken for the decisions made.

*Leadership. Level 6 – The capacity to focus the action of a group in a certain direction, inspiring values and anticipating development scenarios; it involves establishing and monitoring objectives and providing feedback, integrating the opinions of others and in this manner making team development possible. Within team management, he/she clearly establishes guidelines and priorities which are notified in a context of participation and accessibility. The leader identifies himself or herself with energy, and is capable of transmitting it, motivating and generating confidence.

Motivational aspects:

The profile which must be presented by employees:

*High level of experience and interest in working with cross-country and cross-region team


*Experience in high-profile project planning and execution

*Remain motivated and keep a positive attitude under pressure.

*Must clearly demonstrate willingness and ability to travel at either short notice or based on an established development and deployment plan

Previous experience:

*External selection: Minimum five years' experience in a similar post, demonstrating capabilities of managing customer experience projects. The candidate must also present evidence of his/her capacity to deploy various CX designs or models within large organizations


*Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree, any field.

*At least 5 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.

*Applicants must be willing to work in EDSA/MANDALUYONG/PASIG.

*Preferably Assistant Manager / Managers specializing in Customer Service or equivalent.

*Full-Time position(s) available.