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Data Scientist, Fullstack Developers

Motivo Inc
Tokyo, Japan
December 24, 2018


We are looking for developers who have experience as Fullstack, Backend and Frontend Developers to work in an IT Cloud Vendor who is using AWS and Microsoft Azure as main IaaS.

The company works with the latest technologies in the market such as Ai, IoT, Blockchain, VR/AR, Frontend (angularJs, React, Express, Others ) and Backend (API, Restful API, MongoDB, Cassandra, AWS, Azure, others), Tensorflow, OpenStack Ai.

We are currently recruiting developers with the following skills.

■ Web Development :

Design patterns (MVC, DI, Service Location, Factory, Repository)

MVC frameworks & Micro frameworks (Symfony, Silex, Laravel, Slim)

API & Web Services (API, API RESTful, JSON, Apigee, Mulesoft, Original API Stacks)

Job & Message Queues (Beanstalkd, RabbitMQ)

Web Servers (Nginx, Apache)

■ Languages

PHP, Ruby, C#, Python, Javascript

■ Frameworks

Django, JQuery, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, SCSS/SASS, AngularJS, NodeJS, React

■ Databases :

SQL (MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Sqlite)

NoSQL (Cassandra, Redis)

■ CD/CI:

Concourse, Jenkins

■ Messaging/Logs:

Kafka, Zookeeper, ELK

Additional Skills

- Good Communication Skills in English

- Task management (Kanban, Scrum, Prototyping)

- Project management tools (Slack, Trello, Gitlab, Redmine, Jira, Confluence)

- Required education: Computer Science BS/MS Degree

- Required languages: Fluent English

- Others Required license or certification: University Degree

Compensation and Facilities:

- Salaries: 7 Million Yen ~ 12 Million Yen

- Visa Sponsorship

- Japanese Labor Standard Benefits

- Flight Ticket Fare (Round Trip)

Who can apply for this position?

We are looking for developers from different nationalities, very active and who want to develop various services.

Someone who has experience working with teams and have good communication skills in English.

Company mission with the developers:

● We make sure to check the environment in our client offices and see if the communication will be a problem for both parties.

How to apply for this position:

We have a process to apply for this job position which is the following one.

- Step 1: The candidate will need to provide us his/her resume in English with his repository information (GIT) where we can see his code

- Step 2: Set a meeting via Skype or Phone call to learn more about his background and explain about the company vision.

- Step 3: Set a meeting with our client directly to discuss similar aspects.

- Step 4: The company if they decide to continues with the candidate will set a final meeting, to introduce the main members of their team and make an offer base on your knowledge and experience.

Step 5: The candidate will decide if he would like to proceed with the offer by signing the offer letter, setting the time when he/she will be able to join the company.

Step 6: Start the documentation for the VISA with our lawyer, you will need to present some documents for this.

* The candidate will only be able to get the working VISA if he/has graduated from university.

Step 7: We will send you the VISA, and you will have to visit the Japanese Embassy in your country to get that stamp in your passport.

Step 8: Send you the information for your ticket, accommodation, and others, you might need to negotiate with the company in case you are coming from abroad.

Job Type: Full-time