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Store Product Photographer - Promotions Verification

Greater London, WC1A, United Kingdom
April 30, 2020


The Work

Earn some money whilst doing your grocery shopping. We are looking for people who would be open to going out and taking a few pictures at supermarkets nearby. The pictures will be used by our client to analyse and improve the availability of products and ranges in supermarkets.

Required Skills & Payment

All you need is a smartphone, an internet connection and the ability to follow instructions correctly. Payment is usually €10 (around £8.65) per supermarket. How many jobs you do is completely up to you!

Project Scope

This is an ongoing project that is uploaded at regular intervals; this means it will not be present all the time. If you do not see the project right after you sign up at clickworker, please keep checking back. We will also email workers when the project is launched.

About the Company

clickworker is a crowdsourcing platform which, with the aid of its online community of freelancers, called Clickworkers, handles large-scale business processes for multinational companies.

Simply put, when a company presents us with a project, we divide it into micro-tasks and then offer these to Clickworkers to complete online and earn money.


Interested? Please register as a Clickworker directly on our website:

Please do not reply to this ad. Application for this job can only be done from our website. Visit the above link to get to our registration form and become a Clickworker.