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Customer Service/Office Administration/Trainers& Financial Consultants

PHP Aency
Oak Park, Illinois, United States
November 29, 2016

We are a Financial Firm growing at 50% per year helping families, businesses and individuals. We educate our clients in the right direction starting with finding better financial and retirement solutions: How to make money, save money with lower interest rates, credit cards, loans, mortgage lending, tax issues (e.g. deferred and tax exempt); debt settlement and resolution, and of course long term care and multiple options of life insurance. The focus of our Associates includes introducing consumers to the multitude of opportunities existing at PHP( People Helping People), expanding local clientele and increasing PHP's base of financial professionals: supported by and with access to a dedicated team of experienced field leaders and industry professionals committed exclusively to their success. As part of PHP’s Play Book Manual, the associate will complete his/her initial training as well as training in formal financial services.

In addition, this position requires someone who with character traits of integrity and caring.

Duties, Responsibilities and Job Components, as follows:

• Strategize and manage ongoing development and implementation of distribution of services.

• Working with internal and external individuals participating in establishment of communication channels exemplifying the corporate vision and mission.

• Effectively build and maintain strong relationships with internal and external business partners.

• Assisting in market research for product distribution, identifying innovative ideas and having input into recommendations to improving and/or create new solutions.

• Create, develop, present and maintain product solutions including the promotion of new initiatives.

• Manage PHP brand through marketing materials, presentations, and communications.

• Plan, develop, post and manage content for new communication channels such as social media, mass communication (PR), and/or direct to consumer marketing.

• Organize timely and effective presentations for Money Smart Visionarie meetings and presentations to community organizations and strategic partners.

• Supervise and coordinate marketing activities related to MSV events and event sponsorships.

• Support teams with timely, creative and effective presentations and marketing campaigns.

-PHP offers an outstanding work environment wherein time is flexible. It's all about being driven, ambitious, and hard-working. The key to our success is communication, duplication

PHP is a recognized proven leader within our economic and financial industry.