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Strategy Manager

Primewaterview Holdings Limited
Lagos, Nigeria
November 29, 2016

The Strategy Manager is responsible for helping to articulate the Mission & Vision of the company. The job description focuses on the individual’s ability to assist the Group Chief Strategy Officer to conceptualize and formulate strategic initiatives that further the mission of the company, and making sure that the day-to-day activities of the company support those initiatives.

Position Description

The Strategy Officer works closely with the company’s Group Chief Strategy Officer to flesh out the short and long term goals and make sure the company’s output falls in line with those goals.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Provides assistance in the design of a Strategy management system with the “Balanced Scorecard”, and helps to manage organizational performance.

Articulates the company’s mission in a clear and concise way that can speak to the customers and employees at all levels.

Collaborates with Heads of Business Enterprises & Heads of Business Units to devise short and long term plans/goals. Also ensuring Business Unit strategic planning projects reflect organisational strategic priorities.

Monitors the execution of the company’s strategic plan.

Helps to create actionable goals that make it possible to turn mission into tangible results.

Assesses the company’s many different projects from the products down to the daily administrative activities to make sure they align with the company’s goals.

Analyses the success of products and projects.

Advice on ways to increase revenue by eliminating wasteful practices and expediting product delivery.

Supports management in development, application and implementation of new policies and procedures.

Develops new business opportunities by leveraging contacts, pursuing new product development, and improving project efficiency.

Ensures company’s compliance with all relevant federal and state laws, policies and regulations.

Mobilizes and manages teams of individuals charged with executing strategies.

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Must have working knowledge of the Balanced Score Card.

Must possess exceptional creativity and problem-solving skills.

Must have a strong working knowledge of management strategies, human resources planning & customer relations.

Must be able to multitask with research projects, data analysis, coordination with the executive team in the absence of the company’s Group Chief Strategy Officer.

Must be willing to challenge the standard thinking with new ideas aches, and new solutions.

Must have decision-making skills and the determination to see projects through to the end.

Must be self-directed and able to work independently.

Must have leadership & management skills.

Education and Experience

A university degree in any discipline or equivalent. An MBA/MSc is an added advantage.

A minimum of seven years’ experience in related job role (having worked in the Real Estate Sector or a Real Estate department in a consultancy firm would be an added advantage)

An excellent knowledge of Strategy Analysis tools, especially Balanced Scorecard which is mandatory.

Disruptive Innovation Skills

Good communication skills

Passion for service

Ability to go extra-mile and work under pressure

Not older than 35 years

Required Skills

Analytical, numerate

Good understanding of the economy

Team player

Work Environment

Time is divided between desk work, meetings, on-site research

Must be comfortable working long hours, including nights and weekends

Must be willing to travel and concentrate intensely on the small details of projects.