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Junior Site Engineer

Teknologi Duta Sdn Bhd
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 47301, Malaysia
November 28, 2016

- A site engineer is part of the site management team, and takes some of the responsibility for security, health and safety, and organising and supervising materials and people. Site engineers mark out the site, make sure designs are applied correctly and liaise with main and sub-contractors and the site manager. Regular liaison with the client, its representatives, and any consultants is another key part of the job.

- act as day-to-day managers on a construction site, and the main source of technical advice and quality control for everyone working on it. The role also involves levelling and surveying a site, checking drawings and quantities and ensuring the accuracy of calculations.

- Oversee and plan the choice for materials and plant to be used on the project.

- will plan the work to be done and organise things so that deadlines are met. If technical or any other problems crop up, it is up to the site engineer to resolve them. For many site engineers, the most satisfying aspect is seeing a project successfully reach completion.

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