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Help with recruitment

Wuhan, Hubei, China
November 28, 2016

To join in our business partner freely and earn bounty and commission!

Firstly, the partner should have vast amounts of talent resource for those who are in China or are willing to come to China for a job.The partner has to register 50 job seeker members in our system and send 2000 messages through our platform monthly.

Secondly, the partner can connect with the employers directly on line to help job seeker members select the right Chinese employers. In anycase you can choose to cooperate with us in anyway.

You can attach business partner login on our website by going to Business. Then you can start to maintain information, such as:

To register job seeker members in the system

To help job seeker members select the right employers

To send your member's introductory letters to clients overseas

To provide regular and timely delivery of your member's letters

To monitor cash flow on your account.

Then you can succeed to be our partner and got an increasing commission.