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Branch Manager - Ilo-Ilo

Business Machines Corporation
Iloilo City, Western Visayas, Philippines
February 02, 2017

1.Conduct sales meeting with Sales Representatives (SR) every Monday and Saturday morning, and sales training once-a-month.

2.Discusses status of each account called-on and sales problem encountered in the field.

3.Gives importance and evaluates feedback regarding competitors’ strength and strategies.

4.Comes up with written sales daily activity reports are imperative to avoid overlapping of account coverage.

5.Accompanies SRs on account calls especially to those calls problematic ones to gather first hand information so that immediate solution can be affected.

6.Assists SRs in the delivery, installation, and collection activities as and when needed.

7.Is continuously driven to collect all due accounts and implement the sliding computation on commission. Requests for exemption must be in writing and with satisfactory explanation.

8.Reviews SR’s individual sales performance versus assigned quota and issues warning memos to those non-productive employees who will eventually be separated.

9.On the rare occasion that an SC is granted with permission from the head office personally checks that committed SC to customers are actually paid-off.

10.Sees to it that personal checks or company checks of new, walk-in customers are not accepted as payment for any merchandise sold by BISMAC unless you can personally guarantee the amount or the customer (i.e. reputable person).

11.Personally conducts proper credit checking must be done before allowing any delivery or demo to new customers. SR concerned must personally guarantee new accounts availing of credit terms, by signing on the invoice as “Guarantor”.

12.Provides updates on affectivity dates of accreditations and standing bidders’ bonds to government entities.

13.Monitors competitors’ activities, and is aware of their machines/models, prices, their strength and weaknesses.

14.Reviews with the SRs during weekly meetings machine inventory levels, requirements, including how to dispose non-moving items.

15.Is responsible in making sure that necessary selling tools like brochures are updated regularly, and that the display of office machines are rendered effectively and presentably.


1.Sees to it that all personnel must punch in and out as prescribed by the company’s policy pertaining to official time of work.

2.Ensures that staff and TSD personnel wear their daily uniform and ID’s while the SRs are properly attired.

3.Programs all applications for vacation leaves so that preparation can be made to forestall the possible negative effect of these leaves to day to day recording activities

4.Issues memos and reprimands to erring employees and/or any employee violating company’s SPI and policies. Copy furnishes the Head Office with these documents for 201 filling.

5.Checks daily collections everyday against bank deposits, and spot checks OR/CS issued booklets.

6.Scrutinizes disbursement of payment and documents these properly.

7.Clears with and gets approval from the Head Office regarding unbudgeted expenses.

8.Does special remittance of collections that may be made other than the scheduled every Friday of each month.

9.Regularly reviews and schedules collections on all due accounts of machine sales and service, and send out collection/reminder letters to overdue accounts.

10.Proofread all documents such as invoices, delivery receipts, and office receipts

11.Accounting records must be reconciled with those of the Head Office on a monthly basis.

12. Emails sales/machine inventory report every week (Monday morning).

13.Sees to it that all mandated reports are sent to Head Office on or before due dates.

14.Sees to it that expenses are well controlled and profit contribution from branch operations is more than sufficient to cover the branch operations expenses and support a portion of the central office overhead expenses.

15.Sees to it that local purchases are properly budgeted a month ahead after having duly canvassed from at least three (3) local suppliers on the best possible price/s.

16.Sees to it that payables due to be paid to the Social Security System, PHILHEALTH, PAG-IBIG, Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of Trade and local governments on sales taxes are done on or before their due dates, to avoid penalties and/or surcharges.

17.Ensures that there is a system wherein withheld taxes are kept tracked for accurate remittances to BIR and to facilitate year-end reporting.

18.Carefully checks that government regulations including taxes and licenses are acquired and followed in additional to having full knowledge of local ordinances applicable to the business of the company.

19.Restricts use of long-distance calls and internet line (e-mails) to authorize personnel, provide a system wherein cost is maintained within approved budget.

20.Makes sure that necessary insurance coverage’s for the assets of the branch are updated, and employees are given yearly first-aid training (free from Red Cross) and fire-drills (free from the Bureau of Fire Department).

21.Maintains an updated filing of SPI of company policies, its rules and regulations, and see to it that these are implemented carefully and properly.

22.Conducts yearly performance appraisal of the branch employees, review with each their shortcomings on how to overcome these, and encourage positive contributions resulting in the profitability of the branch.


1.Conducts unscheduled random physical count of machines, supplies and spare parts once-a-month and a complete physical count every 6 months.

2.Ensures that the warehouse is orderly and clean at all times and that the stocks are secured and properly stacked. Observes the first-in/first-out practice of machines most especially on supplies and consumables which carry shelf life.

3.Carefully logs and checks shipments from Head Office and other branches before receiving from forwarders. Shipments from your end to Head Office and other branches must be declared at 50% value from the list price and should be coursed through our existing forwarder.

4. Utilizes the delivery panel will be utilized only for delivery and/or pull-out of machines to customers. Does not be use this for sales calls and canvassing purposes, except for emergency cases. Responsible for the delivery panel’s proper maintenance and safekeeping. Monthly check-up is a must.

5.Provides for the gas and oil of the delivery panel should it be used for personal purposes during weekend.

6.Responsible for knowing, in cases of vehicular accidents, robbery, theft, or fire, affecting any or all assets of the branch, the procedures and guidelines to report and/or claim such damages.


1.Log-ins machines for repair (in/out) with accompanying documents noted properly.

2.Maintains an open communication with the Technical Officer and technicians to avoid misunderstanding.

3.Conducts regular meetings with the TSD group must be conducted to establish requirements to facilitate quality control which will eventually lead to improved TSD revenues.

4.Reviews with the Technical Officer the accounts receivable and effects collections on all due accounts.

5.Approves machines for shipment to Head Office for repair only after exhaustive TSD efforts have been affected.

6.Evaluates travelling expenses versus income generated.

7.Closely monitors with the T.O. ordered supplies and spare parts against current inventory level to avoid over-stocking or non-moving items.

8.Schedules at least on a quarterly basis with the T.O. random checking of issued and common tools of the shop.

9.Sees to it that technicians are updated with their technical training.