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Glendale, California, 91203, United States
12-25 an hour
November 23, 2016

Job Description

Please read all of the information before replying with an email or contact us with your resume. Studentnest Foundation Southern California, CA Posting


Tutor: $12.00-$18 dollars depending on position and experience. Duties will include one-on-one tutoring of students or participants in several of our programs. Accredited educators will get $25 an hour

Tutor Supervisor: Will be in charge of going from site to site supervising tutors and making sure everyone is working efficiently, will be in charge of coordinating tutors and making sure we have necessary tutors at each site, including if one calls out for an emergency finding a replacement or tutoring yourself.

IT Person: Would be in charge of providing students with technical support to our student in relation to out software and equipment could possibly be assigned a tutoring lab to manage.

Project Manager: In charge of assigned districts, making sure equipment is delivered to the students and following up with parents concerning tutoring, fixing any necessary concerns, and finishes all students tutoring within district given guidelines.


Studentnest Foundation is structured to augment and enhance the traditional teaching methods. Studentnest Foundation offers a wide variety of programs for grades K-12. It is a distinguished and growing company in search of caring and talented candidates with a passion for kids.


• Tutor students in a particular subject. • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of each tutoring session• Maintain strict confidentiality of all student information, material, and discussions shared in the tutoring relationship• Attend all tutoring sessions scheduled and notify the immediate supervisors of any changes.• Attend initial program training and refresher training.• Perform any task as may be required to achieve the overall efficiency of operations Other Duties as Assigned: The Project Mangers(PM) may assign other program related duties to the Tutor as needed.

Contact Info Contact Name: Ruby or Gaby

Contact Number: (818) 480-6794

Fwd. resumes to: