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IBM WebSphere Portal Developer.

Austin, Texas, United States
November 14, 2016


Position: IBM Web sphere Portal.

Location: Austin, TX

Duration: 3 Year.

Job Description:

Good Experience Designed and developed

Good Experience Designed and implemented.

Good Experience Web Sphere Portal Server and Web Sphere app server.

Requirement gathering and application architecture.

Application Architecture Modeling and component design.

IBM WebSphere Portal Developer Role:


IBM WebSphere Portal Pages

IBM WebSphere Portal Portlets

IBM WebSphere Portal Builds

IBM WebSphere Portal Configuration document




Monitor log files to identify and troubleshoot issues

Monitor portal page and portlet performance

1. Maintenance:

Produce new build releases

QA testing of new releases and changes

QA testing of Java classes and code

Resolve portlet performance issues

2. Development:

Create and maintain portlets to include but not limited to:

Integrate portlets

Wire portlets

Customize portlet behavior

Process client input requests in a portlet

Configure portlet modes

Define a resource serving portlet

Create a resource serving portlet

Create and maintain portlet services to include but not limited to:

Define a portlet service

Create and register a portlet service

Test and update portlet services

Create and maintain Java Server Faces And Create and maintain Java Server Pages.

Create and maintain iWidget:

Develop iWidgets

Register iWidgets

Create and maintain Dojo and Ajax scripts:

Use Dojo and Ajax in a portlet application


Provide necessary IBM WebSphere configurations for supported portlets


At least 6 years of experience with IBM WebSphere product line: WAS, Portal, WCM, etc.

At least 4 years of experience developing IBM WebSphere Portal portlets

Possess a solid understanding of J2EE application development, including the ability to read and understand servlets, Java Server Pages (JSPs), and Java Server Faces (JSFs)

Experience developing Java applications

Use Java syntax to develop applications in Java

Use inheritance and interfaces in Java applications

Describe how design patterns are used in application design

Refactor Java code

Describe and use some of the important API classes and interfaces available in Java, including:

1) Primitive wrapper classes

2) Classes in the Collections Framework

3) Utility classes

4) I/O classes

5) Threads

6) Exceptions

Experience testing Java applications

Perform unit testing of Java applications using JUnit

Debug Java Programs

Experience with these developer toolsets

Rational Application Developer


WebSphere Portlet Factory

Perform basic tasks

Create a project

Create, deploy, and test a portlet

Start and stop a server

Add a portlet to a page

Work with the core API

Use the JSR 286 core API

Work with core portlet objects

Use JSP Standard Tag Library Core

Understand portlet concepts

Portlet life cycle and WAR file architecture

Portlet modes and states

Understand requirements for a resource serving portlet

Understand IBM WebSphere Portal support for Dojo and Ajax

Understand standard portlet services

Ability to deploy applications in tiered and clustered environments

Ability to maintain applications in tiered and clustered environments