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CEO President

Beyond Consulting Solutions
Columbia, South Carolina, United States
November 12, 2016

Job #: 161112

Status: Active

Title: President CEO

Job Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Base Compensation: $125,000

Total Compensation: $125,000 – $156,250

Benefits: Bonus of 25% of Base Salary per performance; $500 p/m

car allowance; Standard Health Package;

Relocation: Yes, one time signing bonus/relocation allowance of


Employment Type: Full Time Direct Hire

Job Category: Banking & Finance

Industries: Financial Services


Our client is confidentially seeking to find a highly qualified bank executive that will provide strategic oversight and guidance in building a significant performance base for this community bank. Organized in 1999, this community bank currently holds $60 million in assets. Under new management, the Board of Directors is excited to bring a high caliber CEO to focus on reinventing the Bank’s vision and commitment to the community. Designing a Market Entry Strategy for the bank and refining the Business Plan are important key initiatives for the newly hired executive, among other important key factors.

Our client offers a competitive base compensation of $125K and a bonus of 25% based on performance, a $500 per month car allowance, Standard Health Benefits package, and a signing bonus/relocation allowance of $7,000.

Reporting: Reports to Board of Directors

Customer Focus:

The President CEO will create a productive sales environment that values the maintenance and expansion of existing business as well as new business. In addition, the President CEO will maintain a high profile in the community, developing key business relationships in support of the objectives and goodwill of the bank as a whole.

Essential Job Functions/Duties:

• Vision and Planning: The President CEO has the lead responsibility for maintaining and developing the Bank’s vision and commitment to the community. Lead strategic planning process. Set the community development agenda and financial performance objectives for the institution, in conjunction with the Board of Directors and other members of the management team, and with input from the community. The Board will look to the CEO of the Bank to guarantee that the staff and officers understand both the business and development objectives of the institution, and to ensure that the new management team performs.

• Management: Design a Market Entry Strategy for the Bank, and refine the Preliminary Business Plan to include aggressive but carefully thought out marketing and operating plans, clear objectives for the members of the Bank management team, and a system to track local project organizers, drive the recruitment of a top-notch senior management team and take the lead responsibility in outlining and executing a plan of action. Report to the Board; hold other members of the management team accountable for both development outputs (small business loans, businesses expanded or created, residents employed and housing and commercial sites developed) and bottom line profitability.

Review all possible avenues for acquiring an existing financial institution or branch as a means to establish the Bank subsidiary of the institution. Simultaneously prepare to form a bank de novo. This will require a substantial deposit solicitation campaign and negotiations with existing lenders to purchase a package or bank loans prior to the new Bank beginning operations. (The staff at the Bank is experienced in deposit campaigns, negotiation of bank loan purchases and bank regulations and can advise on effective strategies.)

• External Representation: Develop and maintain the new institution’s vision and commitment to the community. The CEO should speak directly to the neighborhood and to the City and ultimately become a civic leader in Columbia, working to improve the service of Greater Columbia as a place to work, live, and raise a family. Serve as a spokesperson for development banking nationally.

• Capital: Join the Board of Directors and other civil leaders in calling on potential investors to complete the capital commitments necessary to launch and sustain the institution. Drive the calling schedule and the closing of capital commitments. The CEO must understand the structure of development capital offerings, including equity, debt and capital and operating grants.

• Fundraising: Lead efforts to raise capital and grants at the company level. Assist president of non-profit affiliate in soliciting funds locally and nationally. Cultivate local foundations, agencies and corporations in order to leverage national funding sources. Demonstrate convincing evidence of the ability to devise and implement a strategy to leverage local contributions with regional and national support.

• Board of Directors and Shareholders: Hold primary responsibility for working with the Board of Directors and for shareholder relations.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Education:

• Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or Finance preferred.

• Banking Experience: From a regulatory standpoint, it is not imperative that the CEO of the company has previous banking experience, although the person must have a broad understanding of banking. From a capital raising perspective, extensive banking experience is strongly preferred.

• Community Development: Must have a strong understanding of neighborhood dynamics and the community development process. Ideally, the CEO will bring a demonstrated entrepreneurial approach to development, including previous experience starting a business or development organization.

• Management: Must have senior management experience, preferably in a bank, business or larger institution setting.

• Balance: Must have demonstrated ability to balance institutional performance on dual objectives or profitability and neighborhood development.

• Subjective Attributes: The subjective attributes of a positive communication style, commitment and flexibility are paramount for this position.


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