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Service Mechanic

Megavia Motor Co., Inc.
December 18, 2016

1. Ensures that every motorcycle released by the branch is in excellent working condition.

2. Checks the condition of incoming motorcycle units. Inspects the condition of the motorcycle units. Checks the tools, batteries, accessories, warranty cards, and manuals that come with each motorcycle unit.

3. Reports to the branch supervisor any defects or problems encountered with released or pre-released motorcycles.

4. Conducts an ocular inspection of the motorcycle and verifies defects, scratches, and other parts indicated in the delivery receipt.

5. Works on the repair of the motorcycle units brought in by the customers for repair.

6. Takes note of the warranty and labor charges of each motorcycle unit brought in for repair.

7. Ensures the motorcycles are repaired properly so that they need not be sent back to the branch for repair once again due to inadequate service done by the mechanic.

8. Makes sure that all motorcycle units brought in for repair come with a Job Order Form.

9. Conducts inspection of all repossessed motorcycle units. Prepares a checklist of the parts of the repossessed motorcycle units.

10. Keeps a logbook of all motorcycle units for repair.

11. Leads customers to the spare parts department/area for the parts needed for replacement.

12. Conducts inspection of all tools of the branch.

13. Performs other duties that may be assigned by Immediate Superior from time to time.