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Day Trade Company
Lehi, Utah, United States
$150.00 - $200.00 per day
November 04, 2016

Are you coachable and teachable enough to qualify to Trade OUR money in the Financial Markets? We trade mainly Futures and Forex and we’ll share with you why! WE take the risk and YOU keep 60% to 80% of the profits. We’re an 8 yrs old company with Thousands of trader/members worldwide. You don’t punch a time clock with us! The vast majority of our traders only trade 1 or 2 hrs/day, on their schedule, in the comfort of their home or office.

We will show you ACTUAL RESULTS from our traders! We will also show you our system in action. Most importantly, we will allow you to TRY OUR SYSTEM for a full 30 days, so you can experience it for yourself and qualify to trade our money!

You may not know that trading for Forex, Futures and Stock markets are making more Millionaires per year than any other business! Have you ever wanted to learn to day trade but,

You don’t know how to start

You lack the capital to invest

You thought trading was too risky

If so, you are certainly not alone. Most people cite these reasons for not attempting it.

But, we have solved these issues. NO ONE ELSE DOES WHAT WE DO!

We will teach you, step by step, with an EXPERIENCED, SUCCESSFUL personal coach, trading with you and using our proprietary PREDICTIVE indicators. So, you will know exactly how to profitably trade with CONFIDENCE.

Once you are trained and qualified, we will FUND AN ACCOUNT FOR YOU WITH OUR COMPANY FUNDS, up to $100,000, so the income potential is exceptional!

We take ALL the risk. Even so, when you are profitable, YOU keep 60% to 80% of the profits. If you lose money (and practically everyone loses some as they are learning), you lose OUR money (which, by the way, you NEVER have to pay back). Naturally, since we both are interested in your success, we work hard to ensure that you don’t lose money, but are consistently profitable.

Some may ask “Why would your company do this?”

The reasons are simple: We have been doing this for eight years and have trained 1,000’s of individuals, from a wide range of backgrounds, to trade our system. And, we have very high retention rate! The reason for this is our very unique and highly accurate trading system. Our eight years of experience has proven that once our traders are taught how to use our proprietary system, they can and do trade profitably, which benefits both them and us.

Finally, any experienced trader will tell you that one of the most critical aspects of trading is dealing with the FEAR & EMOTIONS of trading your own money, meaning, most traders can be successful “practice” trading (without real money) but, once they start trading with their own real money at risk, it’s a whole different ball game”, which the vast majority of people cannot handle and they end up losing their money and quitting.

But, when they trade OUR money, the pressure is off and they can trade with much the same calmness and confidence as when they were practice trading. As they trade with our money, they keep most of the profits and we keep the lesser portion. So, we have created a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario for everyone involved.

My partners and I have had great success with our traders but, we have LIMITED spots available. Again, our traders come from virtually all backgrounds so, it really comes down to “first come first-placed”. And, time is of the essence.

We don’t need your resume but, we’d be happy to share our system with you personally at our Lehi office or, if you prefer, through an online Webinar. Either way, we look forward to speaking with you!

Adriana Mahlow