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Auto Spray Painters & Auto Denters

Auto Metallic Bodyshop & Automotive Solutions
Manama, Capital Governorate, Bahrain
November 11, 2016

1- Spray Painter:

• Balancing and layering colours.

• Clean grease and dirt in the auto mobile.

• Selecting and mixing colours to match the vehicle’s colour.

• Sanding, filling and chiselling vehicle as part of its preparation.

• Masking areas that are not included to be painted.

• Spray paint the required parts of the vehicles

• Perform polishing after spray painting

2- Denter:

• Perform all mechanical operations including bending, pulling, pushing, shaping, and straightening required to repair vehicles.

• Perform all types of welding. Welds or cuts automotive parts when necessary

• Assembles and disassembles automotive body components.

• Repairs automotive bodies and frames.

• Installs and maintains automotive auxiliary parts.

• Replace Damaged mechanical parts of the car (Suspension, Brakes, A/C, Cooling System, etc…)

• Replace Damaged electrical parts and do electrical repairs (Wiring, Windows, Lighting, Doors locks, etc…)