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Value Chain Solutions, Inc.
Angeles, Central Luzon, Philippines
November 10, 2016

Overall Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Maintains Books of Accounts.

2. Handles Replenishments of Petty Cash Funds and release said funds to Petty Cash Holders.

3. Maintain and updates Transportation Equipment Records Depreciation

4. Maintains and updates records of Advances of individual officers and employees

5. Assists in the preparation of financial reports as to adjustments and closing entries.

6. Completes the payroll system in excel / SOLOMON / EQPCIB

7. Monitors attendance of personnel working in Pampanga both regular employees and those under the agency.

8. Processes payment made to specific government agencies, (e.g. HDMF, Phil. Health, SSS), in Excel, SOLOMON, SSS System and HDMF

9. Issuance of credit memo to companies through the CMO / BDF / ISA / FSP / SOLOMON.

10. Performs other duties identified by the FM.