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Data Warehouse Developer

A Marasco Recruiting LLC
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
80K - 90K
November 03, 2017

Join a small, dynamic data-warehouse (DWH) team responsible for architecting/dev/deployment/monitoring-control of DWH and Data Mart thru BI reporting.

Background: DWH initiative building from scratch: All DWH-process basics in place, but early stage in Data Mart tabling. Nightly ETL, relatively straightforward data model, moderate table count.

Central challenges: data analysis/forensics on source system data, restructuring data to Data Mart; Various issues w/ data-quality, extract/load fails, contention for resources/memory, SQL-Server parameterization, etc.; Careful balancing of sophistication vs parsimony (tools, methods, processes/degree of automating, architecture-decisions) given small team.

SQL Server BI 2012 w/ planned upgrade to Enterprise-2016: Using SSIS, power-pivot, some SSRS; SVN/ER-Studio, Bugzilla.

You serve as an end-to-end expert with stage ETL from operational source systems (e.g. flat files from Progress Open Edge database), and secondary ETL/transformation/data mart jobs, with minor focus on reporting; core ETL script dev/QA, data-mart SPs/agent jobs dev/deployment, daily monitoring of workflow and overall SQL Server instance.

Leading contributor to: (1) all design/architecting of all aspects of the DWH, data-modeling, lite meta-data management; (2) SQL-Server/system upkeep and management (internals diagnostics, query-tuning, re-indexing, workings of tempdb/logging, use of monitoring tools, BI-tools, archiving, and some big-data focus).

Business Context: consumer-market eCommerce/direct mail/multi-channel selling with fulfillment operations; all functions in scope (marketing, warehousing/supply chain, accounting, procurement, call center, website).

Company Culture: exceptionally healthy/non-bureaucratic, sane executive leadership; DWH-team (within scrum process) strives to keep an agile, driven, yet genuinely collegial culture.


Primary role to develop/deploy code – some ETL SSIS/agent jobs (w/ monitoring), production SPs for data mart; some BI SPs (minor focus) and SSRS

managing the DWH-SQL-Server instance on a daily basis (in conjunction with a DBA/infrastructure team) - ensuring auditable/recoverable data loads, monitoring database performance

DBA-planning/design focus- not tactical administration

focus on architecting/design and the above noted skills

supporting others with documenting of business requirements and specs for DWH/data mart and reporting.

Suggest improvements to DWH; Deploy best practices in ETL scaleability/reliability, data quality monitoring,


a strong desire/sense of ownership in creating quality data for users, i.e. ETL jobs to protect against ingesting problematic exception data, ID/solving data issues (e.g. customer dups/splits, null handling), restructuring of operational data.

Acumen to ID data/business issues, root causes, and solutions.

Decent writing skills to follow a ‘document as you go’ approach, e.g. write bulletized code overview + well-commented code


Either 2+ years working with MS SQL Server, T-SQL/procedural/dynamic SQL, scripting, Integration Services

Expert SSIS/agent job dev using Visual Studio. SSRS can be learned on the job. Excellent coding/diagnostic skills

Experience with star schema; restructuring/fact-dimming of data

Either relevant degree (BS/MS) (e.g Computer Science, MIS), or if no degree, then strong mastery of the structure / inter-relationships of DWH topics normally learned from formal IT training

Desirable: Familiarity with Progress Open Edge Database (source system), .Net, and BI tools, BIML.