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Data Scientist

Platinum Solutions, Inc.
Houston, Texas, United States
November 09, 2016

Work with the advanced analytics team on data and business intelligence resources to build and deliver advanced analytics capabilities to business segments, and to support the business and IT transformation as well as supporting oil and gas customers via commercial software products.

Successful Data Scientists can lead analytic teams, are familiar with statistical and machine learning algorithms including classification, and have good knowledge of oilfield terminology and business practices. They are experienced with regression, clustering, statistical learning, and ensemble methods, and are comfortable entering into ambiguously defined business problem statements and reducing them to tangible outputs. With excellent communication, verbal and written, teamwork and influencing skills, they have experience with big data analytics stack technologies and tools including R, Hadoop, Spark, and Python, and other open source stack elements and frameworks. They are experienced with putting analytics in production and can interpret the outcomes of data analysis objectively and communicate that information to management and technical stakeholders. They have experience in software development as well as experience with agile methodologies for delivering analytics outcomes.


The candidate may work on any of the following:

• Develops and deploys modern machine learning, statistical and ensemble methods for finding patterns and models from business and operational data.

• Performs in-depth investigations of data problems employing statistical skills and developing predictions.

• Develops and delivers synthesized predictive research findings that incorporate multiple business operational databases and provide tangible business insight.

• Uses analytics and data to understand business KPIs and to develop ways to extend them towards increasing fidelity or insight.

• Works with multi-functional teams focused on enterprise data, data quality, business intelligence, operational data and enterprise resource planning integration to deliver data driven insights.

• Engages with the external technical and business community to brand and differentiate analytics.

• Participates in technical and recruitment forums and events.


Masters or PhD degree in Engineering, Statistics or Information Science


• Minimum of 7 years of Strong Professional experience in Data Science.

• Experience with enterprise systems SAS and SAP, and other similar technologies is a plus.

• Experience with Big Data analytics stack technologies and tools. R, Hadoop, Spark, Python etc.

• Experience with essential statistical and machine learning algorithms, including classification. Regression, clustering, statistical learning, ensemble methods.