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DBA - Administrator

Santa Monica, California, United States
August 16, 2017

responsible for evaluating all critical aspects of our company’s databases and provide ongoing management and support to ensure optimal performance and data integrity.

must have hands on experience with MY SQL and MS SQL Server in an AWS/RDS environment and must have deep experience in optimizing database structures at the application and database execution levels.


•Perform complex technical, analytical and database restructuring activities,

•Audit and review current database architecture,

•Optimize database access & indexes,

•Ensure that organizational data is secure,

•Evaluate data analysis models and procedures,

•Ensure system is running smoothly and efficiently,

•Ensure that databases operate efficiently and without error,

•Make and test modifications to the database structure when needed,

•Maintain the database and update permissions,

•Administer a variety of database systems including Microsoft SQL Server and others,

•Test and coordinate modifications,

•Assume the technical lead for SQL Server and online database projects,

•Configure database servers,

•Monitor and maintain system health and security,

•Provide end-to-end technical support and problem resolution

•Schedule and perform regular server maintenance

•Create database management procedures

•Troubleshoot and correct issues as they arise

•Plan and coordinate security measures alongside network administrators.

•Enhance or build database designs.


Strong experience designing and working with n-tier architectures (UI, Business Logic, Database access),

Work with businesses and managers to identify user needs,

Experience with MySQL and MSSQL,

Experience in creating/modifying an index structure that optimizes performance,

Ability to evaluate SQL code and identify optimization approaches

•Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering,

•Advanced knowledge of relational database structure and theory,

•Basic understanding of disaster recovery and database backup procedures

•Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and assistance