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Chronic Pain Management practice for sale - Cherry Hill, NJ AF

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
November 25, 2016

Posted By Premium Recruiter


Chronic Pain Management practice. I provide medical management of chronic pain for patients who have failed (or are not candidates for other therapy). For instance, for back pain, we only accept patients who have had injections, PT, perhaps other therapies like chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy, and remain with chronic pain. We do not require surgery to accept a patient, but many have had that to. We refer out for additional services, such as if patients are to go for additional physical therapy or injections. We see patients every four weeks (so, 13 visits per year). This is about 80% of our practice.

The other 20% of our practice is providing Suboxone services. The appointment schedule is the same (every four weeks).

We do not accept insurance, though we will help patients submit to their insurance company if they have out-of-network benefits. For both Pain Management (PM) and Suboxone services (Sbx) we charge $200 per visit, and $25 per urine drug screen. For PM patients who have never had an aberrant UDS we perform four drug screens per year; if a patient has ever had a bad UDS then we test every four weeks, which they, unfortunately, must pay for. Suboxone patients have a urine drug screen every four weeks.

We have about 120 PM patients and 25 Sbx patients. We grow about 2-4 patients every month, though less during the summer months.

There is space for expansion. The office behind me is open, and it's 2100 square feet (more than double my office size). Even if it rents, my lease allows me to displace a tenant (at the landlords expense they would move them to another site in the compound).