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Infobuilder Technologies, Inc.
Pasig, National Capital Region, Philippines
January 02, 2017


• Plans, develops, tests and documents computer programs, applying knowledge of programming techniques and computer systems.

• Read manuals, periodicals and technical reports to learn ways to develop programs that meet user requirements.

• Formulates plan outlining steps required to develop program using structured analysis and design.

• Prepares flowcharts and diagrams to illustrate sequence of steps program must follow and to describe logical operations involved.

• Converts project specifications using flowcharts and diagrams, into sequence of detailed instructions and logical steps for coding into language processable by computer, applying knowledge of computer programming techniques and computer languages.

• Enters program codes into computer system.

• Enters commands into computer to run and test program.

• Reads computer printouts or observes display screen to detect syntax or logic errors during program test, or uses diagnostic software to detect errors.

• Replaces, deletes or modifies codes to correct errors.

• Analyzes, reviews and alters program to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements.

• Writes documentation to describe program development, logic, coding and corrections.

• Assists users to solve operating problems.

• Recreates steps taken by user to locate source of problem and rewrites program to correct errors.


• Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College Degree in Engineering, Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.

• Can write and has written programs in Java, C# programming language, .Net and CSS

• Understands and has done work on APIs, SDKs, class libraries and development toolkits

• Has done work on XML & CSS and Familiarity with Maven, Spring & JSON will be an advantage

• Willing to work on a full-time position

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