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Electrical Controls Engineer to $95K

Cleveland, Ohio, United States
February 20, 2017

Posted By Premium Recruiter


Growing Company in the Mansfield, Ohio area, has a need for a Electrical Controls Engineer. This is a full time position with a full benefits package. If interested, please email your resume to us.

You will specify, program, and integrate Allen Bradley PLCs, Robot Controls and Servos. This position will be hands on and need to be well trained in 3D Modeling or 2D Electrical Drawing. You will be helping our Engineering Team Automate and ergonomically improve our equipment and processes. This Position will be part of a team that reports to the Plant Engineer. Great Pay and Benefit Package

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Electrical or Controls preferred, or equivalent experience. Open to consider 2016 graduates.


• Be able to read, interpret, and modify electrical prints and schematics and document all self-created changes.

• General understanding and hands on experience creating safe work environments while working around mechanical and Electrical hazards. Knowledge of applicable NEC and NFPA codes.

• Complete understanding of Plant electrical systems, including DC voltage and AC voltage from 24V to 480V.

• Complete understanding of relay and discrete device control systems.

• Proficiency in electrical installations with conduit and wiring practices.

• Experience using sensing and control devices.

• Experience using both DC and AC motors, VF Drives and Servo Controlled Systems (Allen Bradley preferred).

• Experience in writing, programming, and trouble-shooting Programmable Logic Controllers (Allen-Bradley preferred).

• Experience with plant floor automation and office Ethernet, DeviceNet, ControlNet network wiring and Fiber optic Networks.

• Assesses own strengths and weaknesses; Pursues training and development opportunities; Strives to continuously build knowledge and skills; Shares expertise with others.

• Directs and coordinates installation while insuring equipment and systems conform to engineering design, and Federal and State codes.

• Overall responsibility for ensuring safety of the work place, by seeing that appropriate practices are established, in place and enforced.

• Support follow and support the Lock Out / Tag out program.

• Responsible for ensuring that equipment specific energy control procedures are developed for all equipment that present the potential for the release of hazardous energy

• Must fully understand and adhere to the ARC Flash & electrical shock prevention policy.

• Robot Programming and Integration Experience and training


Advanced Allen Bradley PLC specifying, programming and Integration for new and existing equipment and Processes

Programming of Robots and integration to other processes and material movement.

• Design and Specifying PLCs, Controls, Sensors.

• Rebuild Used Robots

• Working with the KRL editor

• Understanding of Frames

• robot states (I/O signals, timers, cyclical flags, counters)

• Reading and interpreting robot controller messages

• Displaying the current robot position

• Displaying saved values (variables) and modifying the values-(wrist up or down?)

• Programming gripper commands

• Reading structured programs and program flowcharts

• Adapting and modifying robot programs

o Reading and interpreting robot controller messages

o Selecting and setting the operating mode

o Moving individual robot axes

o Coordinate systems in conjunction with robots

o Moving the robot in the world coordinate system

o Moving the robot in the tool coordinate system

o Moving the robot in the base coordinate system

o Programming wait functions

o Programming simple switching functions

o Programming time-distance functions

o Programming wait functions

o Time- dependent wait functions

o Signal- dependent wait functions

• Creating new motion commands (point-to-point and continuous-path motions)

• Modifying motion commands

• Correcting and adapting positions

• Reading and understanding logic commands in existing programs

• Basic knowledge of the structure of a controller

• Technical data and control concept

• Interfacing with other equipment, or PLC?

• Adding sensors, safeties

• Installing software by means for System Recovery

• Reading block diagrams, wiring diagrams and circuit diagrams

• Practical troubleshooting using circuit diagrams, Controller System Panel, (KRCDiag and diagnostic monitor a plus)

• Downloading and comparing projects, transferring them to the controller

• Performing diagnosis (KuKa WorkVisual understanding a plus)

• Data management in KRLo