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CNC Set Up Technician - RI #3224

Anderson Recruiting Associates
Providence, Rhode Island, United States
March 13, 2017

Posted By Premium Recruiter


CNC Set Up Technician needed! Job #3224

Location: Providence RI Area

Compensation: Competitive

Relocation: Not Available

Set Up Person Level I

This position is based upon full completion of Operator Level III

1. Set up part following supplied layout.

2. Ability to fine-tune and adjust layout to meet or succeed estimated cycle time.

3. Using tooling and common sense to provide a quality part at the estimated cycle time.

4. Ability to setup and maintain the running of other machines simultaneously.

5. Knowledge of customer requirements; total number of parts required.

6. Ability to install and use special tooling (ex.: broach h older).

Set Up Person Level II

This position is based upon full completion of Setup Level I

1. This is an individual capable of working independently and with full knowledge of all CNC machines.

2. Ability to maintain and troubleshoot machines. Full knowledge of the working intricacies of the machines assigned.

3. An individual whose attitude, desire and workmanship resemble the mission and goals of the company.

4. An individual whose job is not limited to the maintenance and running of his own assigned machines but demonstrates the willingness to interact and help other individuals and departments.

Set Up Person Level III

This position is based upon full completion of Setup Level I and II

1. Ability to setup and program all Swiss Style machines.

2. Full understanding of processes of the various machines.

3. Ability to trouble shoot issues whether mechanical or program related

4. Ability to setup complex jobs

5. Knowledge and ability to use Partmaker for highly-complex prints

6. Ability to improve processes and exceed estimated cycle time and setup allowance time.

BOTTOM-LINE REQUIREMENTS: (Candidates must answer)

1. Experience setting up Swiss Style CNC machines.


2. Local or close enough to make a short easy move.


3. Tsugami Swiss Style CNC machine experience is a plus.


4. Programming experience on Swiss Style CNC machines is a plus, but not a requirement.


Please send resume in Word format to as an attachment and include salary, phone number and reference Job #3224. candidates must also provide responses to the employer's BOTTOM-LINE REQUIREMENTS