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Outside Industrial Sales Representative

Crossroads Consulting
Hartford, Connecticut, United States
$25,000-$35,000 + commission
June 05, 2018

Posted By Premium Recruiter


As a hunter, do you make "Kraven the Hunter" look like Elmer Fudd? There's a reference for you...

Our client is seeking a true hunter who will hit the streets and bring home sales. Someone who has experience tracking not only looking to, "Bag the elephant," to borrow a Wall Street term but who also isn't afraid of filling their book of business with some low hanging fruit.

We've worked with this client for many years and they want no part of job hoppers. If your career is filled with 18-month and 24-month stays at employers, they're not going to be interested in you. This client wants to see, only one, or maybe two jobs in the first five years of your career. If your career has been longer than five years, then the same thing of no history of quick changes. They're just too small of a company to be looking for people to come and go. They want people committed to staying and growing with them.

Salary is $25K - $35K plus commission and some expenses to start. If you're interested, we'd suggest you not wait long to submit a resume.

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