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Online Teachers-Japanese Speakers

J-P English Corporation
Quezon City, National Capital Region, 1119, Philippines
February 08, 2017


Ø Get a fee of 70-100 pesos per 25 minute class

Ø Earn as much as Php 50,000 per month

Ø Work at the comfort of your home

Ø Enjoy having flexible work schedule; you may choose the best schedule that suits your lifestyle

Ø Acquire performance-based incentives

Ø Earn Php500 referral fee for each successful applicant


Ø Male/Female (no age requirement)

Ø Must have an exceptional command of the English and Japanese language

Ø With or without teaching experience

Ø Must be computer and Skype savvy

Ø Patient and passionate in educating students

Ø Can positively interact with the students

Ø Can do multi-tasking and can work under pressure

Ø Responsible, professional and open for constructive criticisms

Ø Has a laptop/desktop computer

Ø Has wired Internet connection (LAN) with speed of 3 mbps or more

Applicants using broadband sticks, or any wireless connection won’t be entertained

Ø Has a clear webcam and headset with external mic

Ø Has a working environment conducive for online classes

Ø Can work for at least for 4 hours a day for 5-7 days a week

Ø Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply


Ø Provide 25-minute English lessons to Japanese students via Skype

Ø Attend all reserved classes

Ø Prepare lesson plans and fun activities for each class

Ø Go online 30 minutes before your first class for Skype check

Ø Evaluate students’ performance, provide appropriate recommendations, and monitor their progress

Ø Post lesson memos and submit sound files

Ø Attend training as needed

Please send your preferred phone interview schedule (interview schedule is anytime between 7:00AM and 11:00PM) and resume to: You will receive a phone call from the recruitment team once you’ve passed the paper screening.