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Base Metals Raw Materials Trader, Luxembourg

Redstone Commodity Search
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
EUR 50,000 - 150,000
February 20, 2017

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Redstone Commodity Search are working with an international trading company seeking a base metals raw material trader in Luxembourg.

Key Responsibilities / Tasks

• Physical trading of base metals.

• Sourcing residues and by products of base metals from the global market

• Maintain and develop business relationships with smelters

• Develop trading strategies to expand the company’s current business

• Reports to head of base metals and concentrates

Key Qualifications / Experience

• 10 years’ experience trading base metals and concentrates, namely copper, zinc, nickel, lead and aluminium

• A transferable book of contacts is desirable

• The role requires a good knowledge of refined and intermediary precious metals, by products and raw materials

• Must have experience in smelting and working with residues and by products.

• Located in Luxembourg/ willing to relocate

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If you match the job description and are keen on applying for this role; please send us a copy of your resume/cover letter to or submit your application through the Vacancy Form.