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IT Pega Sr. Systems Architecture Consultant

Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States
January 03, 2019


Positions can be filled in: Minnetonka, MN, Cypress, CA and Horsham, PA or Basking Ridge, NJ.

Pega Senior Systems Architect

The Senior System Architect (Certified Senior System Architect CSSA) is responsible for the majority of the application configuration. They take direction from the LSA for tasks, prioritize, design and best practices. This role is analogous to the application or integration developer role in other technologies.

This Role:

Participates in the Elaboration/Design phase and contribute to the documentation as required by project methodology

Contributes to the design of the application typically focused on specific automation or integration activities.

Identifies reusable components and implement accordingly.

Participates in the compilation of the Use Case documentation as required by project methodology.

- Interfaces with the LBA/BA to address the configuration associated with the Use Cases and Requirements

Works with all groups to help insure best possible design for a solution

Configures PRPC in construction phase including integrations between systems and development of automated activities

Serve as a testing resource for the implementation team in the unit testing and integration testing of application functionality and re-testing of reported issues from unit and user-acceptance testing.

Management and support of the various environment

System performance tuning

Have a working knowledge of the following PRPC design and implementation topics:

(Work Object Relationships, Specialization techniques, Reporting, Routing (Skills based), Rule Resolution/Inheritance/Circumstancing, Class Design, Locking, Persistence, Authentication, Agents, Functions/Java API, Services, Connectors

Have a working knowledge of PRPC architecture including the following:

(J2EE architecture, PRPC Multi-node architecture, JVM, PRPC Caching, Session Management, Ajax in PRPC, Tracer, DB trace)

Can build sub-components of application solutions.

Assists in the diagnosis and resolution of an issue, including the determination and provision of workaround solution or escalation to BA s, SSA s, LSAs, Pega Client Support

Identifies and proposes PRPC enhancements from trends in requirements.

Has an understanding of the supporting tools available to Architects such as the Pega PDN. Must have working knowledge of how to search for documentation on different topics and how to open a support ticket at Pega.

Has a good understanding / hands on experience with System Management Application (SMA) to troubleshoot the system.

Has a clear understanding of Pega s Frameworks and their offerings.

Demonstrates an understanding of both the business process(es) and the technical application of the Framework(s) worked on.

Identifies Framework enhancements or modifications made at client s sites in order to meet project functional requirements or to meet ongoing compliance need.

Pega Senior Systems Architect Qualifications:

Pega knowledge (including certification): minimum CSSA with 4+ years of experience or CSA

3+ years working with Pega as a Pega Systems Architect

3+ years experience working on software development projects

Ability to organize and facilitate discussions with 5+ people (all levels)

Strong oral and written communications

Familiarity with iterative and agile methodologies (i.e. RUP, SCRUM)

Familiarity with Pega Health Care Frameworks

Positions can be filled in: Minnetonka, MN, Cypress, CA and Horsham, PA or Basking Ridge, NJ.