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Music Teacher (Part-time)

King's Gate Christian School
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73120, United States
May 23, 2017

Position Description: The King's Gate Music teacher has the overall responsibility for teaching Elementary music classes according to the direction and goals set by King's Gate Director and helping in assigned classrooms using methodology that is consistent with King’s Gate’s Philosophy Statement, the Mission Statement, Core Values and the Code of Ethics.


1. The Music teacher will provide an ongoing Music curriculum in each class according to the direction and needs of the King's Gate staff and curriculum needs. Number of classes per week and number of children will vary depending on enrollment and expanded classes in each year.

2. Provide experiential guitar, violin and vocal curriculum for each student group that includes opportunities for students to build an appreciation for performance and diversity.

3. Plan and implement a music curriculum with consideration of accreditation guidelines and students’ individual needs, interests and developmental stage.

4. Work with individual teachers to provide musicopportunities for their classrooms and to schedule make-up classes when necessary.

5. Assist teachers with parent conferences and student support plans when needed.

6. Assist King's Gate Director in discussing the Music program with potential patrons if needed and support and assist in efforts to boost enrollment.

7. Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class for preparation and in case of consultation with Director and/or staff.

8. Order or purchase supplies that are needed and turn in itemized receipts for payment or reimbursement.

9. Store personal and school materials in a safe place or locked cabinet when the room is not in use by the school.

10. Demonstrate professionalism and appropriateness in tone of voice, choice of words, demeanor, working with other staff, teaching techniques/methods, dress attire, appearance, reliability and attitude.

11. Be present for and assist with special school events that occur throughout the school year and assist in fundraising efforts, including i.e. Meet Your Teacher Night, Parent Night, Back to School Night, Auction, Christmas Sing, two (2) Open Houses, and up to three auctioned teacher accompanied activities.

12. Help with lunch time in a King’s Gate class on work days.

13. Write, organize and maintain all lesson plans for each student group.

14. Provide an informational summary of each student group’s weekly activity/lesson (“Scoop”) for classroom teachers to include in weekly class newsletters.

15. Perform these duties and others as deemed necessary and assigned by the King’s Gate Director while following the policies detailed in the King’s Gate Employee Handbook.


•Bachelor's Degree in Spanish and/or an Education Degree; experience teaching in a school environment

•Affirming positive references and a clear background screening

•The person must be a Christian, affirm the *ACSI Statement of Faith, believe the Bible is the Word of GOD and demonstrate Christian character in daily life and attitude.