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School Bus Aide

Klarr Transport Services Inc.
Lakewood Township, New Jersey, United States
April 17, 2017

Male School Bus Aide

Needed immediately!

We currently have positions currently open. Must have own vehicle, clean background, and flexible schedule, due to the nature of our industry.

School Bus Aide

Purpose: Assists the driver in the safe operation of the route.

Major Responsibilities:

Knows the route and remains alert to monitor the welfare of passengers while en-route. Keeps order on the bus.

Communicates behavior problems and conditions of various stops with the driver.

Assists students in the loading and unloading process.

Cooperates and communicates with school personnel, parents and students.

Conducts emergency evacuation from the bus, including exiting from the emergency door.

Opens and closes service doors multiple times daily.

Cleans the insides of the bus including sweeping, dusting, and cleaning windows, in coordination with driver.

Assists the driver whenever necessary to safely direct the vehicle backwards.

Other specialized functions as required by contract.

Minimum Education & Certifications Required:

High school diploma or equivalent.

Experience & Skills Required:

Good verbal communication skills.

The ability to work early morning hours.

Attention to detail.

Good judgment/problem solving skills.

Conflict resolution skills.

Ability to manage high degrees of stress.

Strong interpersonal skills.

Commitment to safety.

Job Type: Part-time

Drivers License and personal vehicle

Required education:

High school or equivalent