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Standard Integrated Flight Training Programe(PILOT TRAINING)

Skyworld Aviation Group
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400706, India
November 30, 2016

Standard Integrated Flight Deck Programe (PILOT TRAINING):-

With more than 15 years experiences and Fleet of 22 Aircrafts, come to

warm and sunny weather of Cebu to fly all year Around.The Best Training

and lots of Pilots Graduated Since 1995.

As one of SWA’s most popular courses, The "Standard Integrated Flight Deck


takes students with little or no flying experience to a “Frozen ATPL” in

approximately 16 months. This is the minimum qualification that an airline

would require from a prospective First Officer.

Once you gain 1,500 hours’ experience, your ATPL becomes ‘unfrozen’,

meaning that your licence becomes a full ATPL; the licence required to be

an Airline Captain. This full-time, integrated course is the preferred

Training route for most Airlines.

Flight training & phases:

Our full-time, standard Integrated Flight Deck Programme typically takes

approximately 16 months, and is broken down into several phases as

outlined below. All phases are completed from our base .


.Graduate /Diploma Holder

.Atleast 21 years of Age

.Good English Communication Skills

.Class 1 medical issued from Aviation Doctor

.Able to Perform well in Pressure Flights.

Skills acquired:

The foundation knowledge required to start the first

flight phase. Subjects include aircraft general knowledge, air law, mass

and balance, navigation, performance and planning, and meteorology.



Skills acquired: The Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) teaches

students the theory required to operate commercial aircraft safely and


Groud School Covers Fourteen (14)Subjects:

1.Theory of Flights

2.Basic Aircraft Instruments

3.Basic Aircraft PowerPlant

4.Civil Air Regulations


6.Flight Environment and Airspace

7.Basic Aircraft Performance

8.Basic Weight & Balance

9.Basic Metrology

10.Aviation Physiology

11.Basic Radio Navigation

12.Basic Air Navigation

13.Basic Flight Planning

14.Instrument Review


Private Pilot Lisence Training (PPL):-

50 hours of Flight time in a Cessna 152

35 hours of Instructor time

20 hours of ground school time

Course Books and Materials

CAAP Written Exam

CAAP Checkride

CAAP Medicals

Instrument Rating:(IR)

30 hours of flight time in a Cessna 172

35 hours of instructor time

20 hours of ground school time

Course Materials

CAAP Written Exam

CAAP Checkride

Commercial Pilot Lisence Training Hours (CPL):-

150 hours of flight time in a Cessna 152/172N to build time :-

90 Hours Solo on a Cessna-152

30 Hours Dual on a Cessna-152

30 Hours Dual on a Cessna-172

Single Engine Commercial Rating: (SECR)

20 hours of flight time in a Piper Arrow

20 hours of instructor time

5 hours of ground school time

Course Materials

CAAP Written Exam

CAAP Checkride

Multi Engine/ Commercial/ Instrument Rating (MEI):-

15 hours of multi time/Dual

5 hours of ground school time

CAAP Checkride

Total of Flying Time 265 Hours


After Completing of 265 hours and completion of Commercial Pilot Lisence

Training Course.Skyworld Aviation Group offer Applicants with 2 (Two)


Extenable Job Contract in our Charter & Cargo

Flights, to gain experience and build Flight Time .

Salary (1500$/month & 25$/hour) and Accomodation will be Provided .

Package Cost of Standard Integrated Flight Deck Programe (Commercial

Pilot Lisence Training Course) inculding

Accomodation,Transportation, Visa Permits,One way return Ticket is 45,000$

( Fourty Five Thousand US Dollars).