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Specimen Processor

K.A. Recruiting
Burbank, California, United States
February 23, 2018

ROLE: The main responsibility of the Specimen Processor is to accession the specimen(s) and ascertain that the test(s) ordered have the correct specimen.


Upon specimen arrival, properly marks the location of testing for each ordered test on the accompanying requisition.

Ensures that the correct specimen is collected for each test ordered, and that the tube types submitted are written in the left margin of the requisition.

Ensures that the patient’s full name, date/time of collection, and phlebotomist’s

number are filled in on the requisition, and that the specimen bar codes (with appropriate letter prefix) are placed on all patient specimens.

Responsible for informing a facility, and filling out appropriate paperwork, if a redraw is needed due to:

PT & PTT that are QNS

missing or incorrectly spelled name on requisition or specimen

mislabeled accession number and/or name

specimen not received

Taking a redraw order from a CLS if any specimen is unsuitable for the test ordered, due to the integrity, quantity and/or suitability of the specimen for the lab test required.

Ensures that all patient requisitions are scanned into the Filebound program.

Properly centrifuges all appropriate specimens for correct times to insure adequate serum or plasma for required testing.

Routes in-house specimens to correct lab benches for testing.

Routes reference lab specimens, with a copy of the requisition, to the reference lab desk for inclusion into the TRK Sendout Manifest for the Burbank lab.

Prepares reference lab coolers correctly, with proper paperwork, and according to federal guidelines for “Biological Substances – Category B.”

Prepares a copy of the DL requisition for any local reference lab with the DL account number, and tests to be done by this lab clearly marked.

Whether a cooler is sent to the airport or a courier must be sent to a local reference lab, Dispatch must be notified for the transfer.

Regularly reviews in-house testing areas for completed specimens so they can electronically store them for any future add-on tests or repeats.

Proper Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) must be worn at all times to protect the processor from any infectious material.


High School Diploma or equivalent and minimum of 2 months of training in specimen collection if no prior experience noted.

Proper knowledge of specimen collection appropriate to the test ordered, i.e., requirements for lab test(s)

Awareness of the factors that influence test results

Knowledge of medical (laboratory) terminology helpful