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Address Research and Data Collection

United Kingdom
May 30, 2020



We are looking for freelancers (Clickworkers) that enjoy doing research for information on the Web, like e.g. addresses or opening hours of restaurants, etc.


A computer with an Internet connection. Working hours, workplace and workload can be chosen freely.

Good knowledge of the Internet as well as being in command of English.

Opportunities and Benefits is a crowdsourcing platform on a fee basis that handles large-scale business processes with the aid of numerous freelancers, so-called Clickworkers.

Jobs by companies are divided into microjobs by and subcontracted to Clickworkers who earn money with it online.

How to apply:

In order to start working on, please follow these 4 little steps:

1) Register at clickworker:

2) Complete your clickworker profile

3) Take the web research test and/or UHRS tests

4) All available jobs will be displayed in your job list

Please do not send documents by mail or email! Your application is completed directly on our website.