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When searching for jobs or searching for resumes please use the following rules:

  1. To search for posting that contains ALL words you need – separate them by space (or use and):
    packaging pharmaceutical toxicology
    packaging and pharmaceutical and toxicology
  2. To exclude postings that have certain words – prefix them with minus "- (or use not):
    bank -blood -medical
    bank not blood not medical
  3. To search for exact phrases (make sure words go in exact order) – use quotes:
    "physician assistant"
  4. To search for postings that contain at least one of the words you are looking for – use or.
    Alternatively, you may use , (comma) or | (vertical bar):
    nurse or rn or cna
    nurse, rn, cna
    nurse | rn | cna
  5. To combine "or" list with other filters – use parentheses:
    (nurse or rn) radiology
    (nurse or rn) -travel
    sap ("business intelligence" or "business warehouse") (erp or "enterprise resource plan")
    Parentheses can be nested:
    (asp or php and (mysql or oracle)) -"sql server"

Ready to start? Please try:
("truck driver" or CDL) trailer -sales