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Training Food

Tampa, Florida, United States
November 22, 2011
Contact Info:

Rolando A. Martinez

***** *. **** ******, *****, FL 33617


Specific skills for the job position

• Intensive field training in the application of HACCP systems; GMP/SSOP and related procedures applied to food processing operations; food labeling, recalls and withdrawals, traceability methods, emerging food-borne pathogens and control strategies.

Field experience in food-safety assessments and audits.

• Skills and experience in laboratory techniques and procedures; staff management, supervision and development

• Bilingual (English/Spanish/Portuguese)


Center for Tropical Veterinary Medicine.

University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Degree: Diploma in Tropical Veterinary Medicine

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro,

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Degree: Veterinary Medicine

Pan American Agriculture School,

El Zamorano, Honduras.

Degree: Agronomy

Employment History

Enforcement, Investigation and Analysis Officer (CSO/EIA Officer).

USDA/FSIS/FO/Atlanta District Office

100 Alabama Street, SW. 1924 Building, Suite 3R90

Atlanta, GA 30303


• Performing comprehensive Food Safety assessments of food processing operations and distribution centers.

• Preparing technical reports in control and prevention of food-borne diseases. Having responsibility for verification of programs designed to the prevention and control of pathogens reasonably likely to occur in food and water intended for human consumption.

• Verifying regulatory compliance with a full range of Federal regulations involving security and other consumer protection issues.

• Responsible in investigative methodology, monitoring, and laboratory procedures, applicable in food and water processing facilities.

• Participating in multidisciplinary field work within USDA, FDA and OSHA regulatory activities.

Veterinarian Supervisor.

Division of Animal Industry.

Florida Department of Agriculture

3125 Conner Boulevard, Tallahassee, Florida 32399.


• Performing supervisory duties, assuring that only safe and wholesome finish products were allowed to enter the food chain

• Responsible for the verification of a variety of plant operations, and assessment of compliance with sanitation standards, operating procedures and applicable regulations

• Conducting various sampling, surveys and tests to obtain pertinent background information on potential problems, industry trends and other issues of current interest to the public consumer

Work related training

Food Safety Education Program (HACCP/SSOP/GMP programs)

FSIS/Texas A&M University. College Station, Texas.

February 5 to March 2, 2001 and February 24 to March 21, 2003.

Food Safety/Regulatory Enforcement Program

Training Center. Artesia, New Mexico. December 2003

USDA/FSIS/ Administrative Enforcement Training

Phoenix, Arizona. April 2004

Intensified Verification Testing (Laboratory Procedures). FSIS/CFL

College Station, Texas. September 2005