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Horizontal, Vertical, and Mining Designer

October 20, 2011
Contact Info:

Add: No. *** Cluster * DMCI Village, Semirara Is., Caluya, Antique, Philippines
Mobile: 056*******

Horizontal, Vertical, and Mining Designer

University of Southern Mindanao formerly Mindanao Institute of Technology
College of Engineering and Computing
B.S. Civil Engineering
June 2001-April 2006

University Laboratory School
June 1997-March 2001

Kayaga Central Elementary School
June 1991-March 1997

• Consistent Honor Pupil
• 1st Honorable Mention
• Consistent Honor Student
• 3rd Honorable Mention
• 1st Place, Quiz Bee of the 3rd Regional Civil Engineering Students Convention on August 27, 2005 at Cotabato City State Polytechnic College Conference Room, Cotabato City given by Engr. Perfecto B. Padilla the review director of PADILLA CE REVIEW SCHOOL.

BOARD PASSER – Licensure Exam for Civil Engineer on November 19-20, 2006 at Cebu City given by the Professional
Regulation Commission, Republic of the Philippines.
Reg. No. – 0108515

1. Proficient in Primavera P6 (Project Management, Methodology Management), Etabs, Sap2000, Safe, Archicad, Tekla Structure, Autodesk 3Ds Max, Autocad Structural Detailing, Autodesk Quantity Takeoff, Autodesk Storm and Sewer Analysis, Microsoft Office(Acces, Word, Excel, Project, Powerpoint), Autocad(2D-3D), Surpac Minex Software(Version 3.1-A, 5.0-M, 5.1-C, 6.0, and 6.1), Autocad Civil 3D, Autodesk Land Desktop, Primavera Project Planner P3, Staad, Earthworks XP, Minestat, Google Sketch Up, Garmin Application, Surper Version 8.0(Surface Mapping System), GUSlope Version 2.0(Saturated and Unsaturated Seepage Flow and Slope Stability Analysis Programs by Nonlinear FEM of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Gunma University 1-5-1 Tenjin, Keryu, Gunma 376-8515, Japan), Grasp, Gear, Microfiapp.
2. Can operate Furuno Echo Sounder used for conducting hydro survey.
3. Can operate Leica TC1250 total station, Nikon total station, and Garmin GPS used for conducting terrestrial and hydrographical survey.
4. Can operate Cal. Computer Digitizer used for digitizing manually drawn geologic section, geologic map and topographic map to transform into electronically drawing files.

Company: Al Omaeir Trading and Contracting Company in Joint Venture with Al Ayuni, and China Civil Engineering
Construction Corporation
Address: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Position: Civil Design Engineer
Reporting To: Operation and Technical Manager
Date: December 2009 – To Present

Job Description
1. Design buildings, airport runways, dams, roads, bridges, railways, retaining wall, embankment protection, slope protection, Irish-crossing, reinforced concrete box culvert, reinforced concrete pipe culvert, New Jersey concrete barriers, camel- crossing, and traffic sign boards.
2. Detailing of horizontal and vertical structures.
3. Quantity take-off of buildings, dams, roads, bridges, railways, retaining wall, embankment protection, slope protection, Irish-crossing, reinforced concrete box culvert, reinforced concrete pipe culvert, New Jersey concrete barriers, camel crossing, and traffic sign boards.
4. Prepares work schedule by bar chart, s-curve, and pert-cpm.
5. Managing costs on a wide variety of new building projects and structures, such as residential developments, sports stadiums, roads and bridges, railways, dams, schools, hospitals, offices and factories.
6. Undertaking costs analysis for construction project work.
7. Preparing tender and contract documents, including bills of quantities.
8. Provide a total cost estimate for the work to be performed: labor, material, and outside services.
9. Manage the status of work control and backlog for work order submission to work order completion. Status may include: waiting for planning, waiting materials and equipment, ready to schedule, scheduled, etc.
10. Verifies all material, equipment, information, tools and labor are available prior to scheduling.
11. Develops a preliminary workforce schedule by crew ensuring all skills requirement and resource availability is met.
12. Actively participate in scheduling meeting with operation partners to finalize priority of work orders, optimum downtime windows, and necessary lead times.
13. Keep accurate metrics on the performance of planning and scheduling functions and provide timely reports to the Reliability manager.
14. Continuously improves the job estimate, planning and scheduling by receiving feedback from project manager, project engineer, and site engineers.

Company: CM Pancho Construction Incorporated
Address: Quezon City, Philippines
Position: Cost and Quality Control - CQC Engineer
Reporting To: Operation Department Head
Date: October 2009 – December 2009

Job Description
1. Inspects project sites and evaluates contractor work to detect design malfunctions and ensure conformance to design specifications and applicable codes.
2. Drafts detailed dimensional drawings and designs layouts for projects to ensure conformance to specifications.
3. Develops plans and estimates costs for installation of systems, utilization of facilities, or construction of structures.
4. Read and reviews project blueprints and structural specifications to determine dimensions of structure or system and material requirements.
5. Calculates dimensions, square footage, profile and component specifications, and material quantities.
6. Reports maintenance problems occurring at project site supervisor and negotiates changes to resolve system conflicts.
7. Conducts materials test and analysis, using tools and equipment, and applying engineering knowledge.
8. Confers with supervisor to determine project details, such a plan preparation, acceptance testing, and evaluation of field conditions.
9. Reports and documents project activities and data and responds to public suggestions and complaints.
10. Plans and conducts field surveys to locate new sites and analyzes details of project sites.
11. Estimate and create budgets, and cost breakouts for construction projects.
12. Oversee subcontractors and vendors/suppliers performing work on the projects.
13. Review, recommend and approve all construction change requests, on-site change orders and pay requests.
14. Prepare and issue monthly project progress report.
15. Interface and maintain contact with clients regarding project status and coordinate as required to resolve issues with site construction, procurement, and/or engineering.

Company: David M. Consunji-Construction Equipment Resources Incorporated/Semirara Mining Corporation
Address: 2nd Floor DMCI Plaza Building 2281 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City/Semirara Is., Caluya, Antique
Position: Mine Planner/Mine Planning Engineer
Reporting To: Department Head
Date: April 2008-October 2009
Job Description
1. Prepares long term, medium term and short term mining plans and mining schedule for the full time utilization of the truck and shovel fleet of Panian Mine-the largest open-cut coal mine in the Philippines.
2. Optimize pit that maximizes profit and satisfies both cost and slope constraint that determine the base, limit of the pit, mineable reserves and its mine life base on geologic block model.
3. Coordinates regularly with the Mine Operations and Maintenance group for the preparation, implementation or modification of the plans.
4. Identifies mining limits in the site to ensure that any deviations from plan are immediately corrected.
5. Coordinates with the Geology department, Survey Section, frontline operation staffs in establishment of the mine digging limits.
6. Monitors/checks the implementation of the plan and prepare the production update.
7. Monitors all existing production and support equipment by maintaining a systematic performance statistics to ensure that all data processed are reliable and can be used to analyze, project, and identify present and future problems in planning, operation, and ,maintenance.
8. Recasts and compare actual monthly production against projection to determine percentage of mining recovery aimed to establish future parameters in projecting accurate coal tonnages and coal qualities.
9. Responsible for the preparation of an accurate monthly, yearly and 5 years mining plan/design and schedule assigned by the department head, with the objectives of growth and profitability of the company.
10. Performs periodic mine planning and scheduling.
a. Establishes excavation limits for continuous and or conventional mining equipment in the preparation of detailed mining program.
b. Forecasts monthly/yearly configuration of the pit as defined by the mining programs consistent with the slope plan of feasibility study.
c. Organizes the necessary updated topographic maps and or progress maps in streaming mining plans.
11. Guides geologists, mine planning and survey group, in the interpretation of mining approaches upon consultation with the department head for proper volume computation of wastes and coal.
12. Delegates initial computation of wastes movement to subordinates for quick evaluation of alternative plans.
13. Prepares detailed monthly and yearly mining plan and schedules addressing the need for monthly shipments throughout the short term and long term mining program.
14. Handles initial drawings defining excavation limits of each period in the plan using conventional and continuous mining equipments.
15. Compute for materials movement and duration of activities in accordance with pre-determined operating parameters of the mining equipment programmed for short term or long term plans.
16. Classifies mining blocks in the plan particularly those identified with coal sources for proper scheduling and or flexible distribution of monthly/yearly coal production.
17. Prepares daily coal and waste targets to be used as guide for mine planning and operation in monitoring their performance consistent with pre-determined parameters.
18. Determines priority activities/schedules for conventional equipment in the program relative to the progress of excavation using continuous mining equipment.
19. Prepares surface dewatering schemes outlining flow of run-off and seepage water in the pit leading to a sump for stage pumping outside the pit.
20. Performs other substantially related tasks and or duties that maybe assigned.

Company: David M. Consunji-Construction Equipment Resources Incorporated/Semirara Mining Corporation
Address: 2nd Floor DMCI Plaza Building 2281 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City/Semirara Is., Caluya, Antique
Position: Cadet Engineer
Reporting To: Chief Surveyor, Mine Planning Engineer
Date: January 2007-April 2008

Job Description
Mine Planning and Engineering Department
Mine Planning Section
Date: August 2007-April 2008

1. Prepares short term and medium term mining plans and schedule for the full time utilization of truck and shovel fleet of Panian Mine-the largest open-cut coal mine in the Philippines.
2. Compute volume of total coal deposit and total materials per elevation using surpac software.
3. Compute stripping ratio of waste material versus coal.
4. Update and reproduces monthly progress map of Panian Pit.
5. Update monthly mining plan direction and as well as the schedule.
6. Digitize Himalian sections and mine plan of MONENCO CONSULTANTS.

Mine Planning and Engineering Department
Survey Section
Date: January 2007-August 2007

• Conduct Terrestrial and Hydrographic Survey
1. Volumetric survey for monthly coal stockpile inventory.
2. Survey of cracks to determine movements of Panian Pit walls.
3. Survey of Panian Pit daily advances.
4. Survey of lots.
5. Hydrographic survey at Semirara Island sea water vicinity area.
6. Survey of conveyor lines, electrical posts and other structures.
7. Survey of relocation site.
8. Road grading and profile leveling.
9. Layout of buildings and other structures.
10. Established horizontal and vertical controls for precise surveys.
11. Profile survey for the design of drainage system and water supply system.
12. Topographic survey for the advances of conventional mining equipments and setting out survey for blocks and cut limits to establish berm.
13. Topographic survey for site development planning and decision making.
14. Survey of coal contacts as predetermined by geologist, setting out of the proposed drill holes and as built survey of actual drill holes to determine its actual location and its actual collar elevation.
15. Performs plotting and computation on elevation in every side shot of survey returns.
16. Performs final plotting of daily advances of conventional equipment and continuous mining equipment.
17. Performs survey as required by concern departments.
18. Prepares drawings and maps as required by concern departments.

Company: Department of Public Works and Highway, District Engineers Office-Region 12
Address: Lanang, Kidapawan City
Position: Trainee
Reporting To: Civil Engineer-Engineer 1
Date: April 2004-May 2004

Job Description
1. Trained in designing of Roads and Highway.
2. Trained in Roads and Highway Survey.
3. Trained in designing of Bridges.
4. Trained in designing of vertical and horizontal structures.

Place of Birth: Liton, Kayaga, Kabacan, North Cotabato
Date of Birth: August 21, 1984
Religion: Roman Catholic
Civil Status: Single
Citizenship: Filipino
Father’s Name: Romulo C. Gardose
Occupation: Department Head, Admin Services Dept., Semirara Mining Corporation
Mother’s Name: Meregin J. Gardose
Occupation: Housekeeper
Leah J. Gardose
Occupation: Teacher, DWSSI

Romulo J. Gardose Jr.
Occupation: Accountant, Komatsu

Vergil J. Gardose
Occupation: Staff Nurse, Semirara Mining Corporation

Randy J. Gardose
Occupation: Student, 4th Year Highschool, DWWSI

Hazel Mae J. Gardose
Occupation: Pupil, 1st Year DWSSI
Skills: Dependable, analytical and hardworking. Can work under pressure with minimal supervision.

References: Isidro A. Consunji
Executive General Manager
David M. Consunji Incorporated

Victor A. Consunji
Semirara Mining Corporation

Engr. George G. San Pedro
Resident Manager
Semirara Mining Corporation

Engr. Manuel L. Vardeleon
Department Head, Operation Dept.
CM Pancho Construction Incorporated

Nasser Omaier
General Manager
Al Omaier Trading and Contracting Company

Engr. Emad Ismael Al Mohammed
Manager, Technical and Operation Dept.
Al Omaier Trading and Contracting Company

Engr. Mohammed Ali
Manager, Jalajil Site Office
Al Omaier Trading and Contracting Company