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Senior Claims Adjuster- Auto, General Liability and Property Adjuster

Derwood, Maryland, 20855, United States
February 26, 2010
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Experienced P & C Insurance Adjuster


Extensive experience as commercial general liability, auto liability and 1st party property claims adjuster. Experienced handling claims in Maryland, Washington, D.C. for the Montgomery County Government, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission and insurance companies. Uniquely qualified career claims adjuster, having adjusted a wide variety of claims for up to and over $1,000,000.00.

Areas of Expertise

Provide quality claim handling and superior customer service in the investigation, evaluation and settlement of auto and general liability claims for property damage and bodily injury. Provide the same level of service for 1st party property claims including the handling of subrogation and salvage. Prior experience as auto appraiser. Experience working with insurance policies, special risk instructions, contract instructions and Best Practices. Prompt contact with all parties and used diaries to maintain a timely plan of action. Have taken many recorded statements, indexed bodily injury claimants and investigated the scene of accident / incident as part of investigation. Work with staff and outside attorneys. Experience adjusting utility claims. Have reviewed contracts, evaluated liability, developed damages, reviewed medical specials and lost wages, maintained adequate expense and loss reserves and justified the disposition of the claims. Investigated and settled subrogation claims. Made court appearances as necessary,

Experienced working with different company software systems including DOS and Windows based operating systems including Microsoft XP, Vista, and the new Microsoft 7. Experienced working with Microsoft Word 2003, Excel 2003, and Lotus Notes. Participated in classes on Word 2007 and Excel 2007. Taking self-study courses on Office 2007 and Microsoft 7.

Professional Experience

Last three jobs were working for third party adjusting companies that held the contract to adjust the workers compensation and liability claims, my section, for the Montgomery County Self-Insurance Program, which insured the Montgomery County Government, Montgomery County Public Schools, Montgomery County Revenue Authority, Montgomery College, the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, the Housing Opportunities Commission and the City of Rockville. My responsibility was to adjust auto and general liability claims and first party property claims. Monitored claims in litigation including slip or trip and fall, auto bodily injury, police actions, utility claims, discrimination and violation of rights, etc. Secured and reviewed auto and property appraisals from contractors. Submitted reserve authority requests on claims valued over $25,000.00. Secured settlement authority for claims over $2,500.00 (by Montgomery County Law). On claims for over $10,000.00 (BI) and $30,000.00 (PD- Liability or 1st Party Property), presented settlement requests, in person, to the Settlement Committee (risk managers for insureds), where we also witnessed settlement authority presentations by the Office of the County Attorney on litigated cases.

Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc, Rockville, MD 2007 to 2009

Senior Claims Adjuster

Continued to adjust auto and general liability and 1st party property claims for the Montgomery County Self-Insurance Program.

o Adjusted a series of main line sewer claims for a backup that caused damage to over 40 townhouses. There was a settlement cap of $200,000.00 / $500,000.00. One of the claimants had over $300,000.00 in damage, including valuable artwork. Maintained an Excel spreadsheet of the claims.

o Adjusted a pedestrian bodily injury claim, for an adult bicycle rider who fell on a sidewalk and sustain over $50,000.00 in medical bills.

o Settled two first party property claims for over $150,000.00, each. One claim was settled on replacement cost coverage because the insured was restoring the property to its prior condition. The other claim was settled on actual cash value basis because the insured had not decided what they would do with the property site.

o Instrumental in removal of poorly performing property appraisal company, with a much better property appraiser.

The Schaffer Companies, Ltd, Rockville, MD 2005 to 2007

Property Adjuster

Continued to adjust auto and general liability and 1st party property claims for the Montgomery County Self-Insurance Program.

o Adjusted a series of 80 commercial 1st party property claims for flood damage totaling over $1 Million, involving six governmental agencies. One of the claims was for over $300,000.00 damage to a boat house, next to a lake. Coordinated activities with Federal Emergency Management Agency and the excess insurance carrier. Pro-rated the $250,000.00 self-insurance retention amongst the 6 insureds. Maintained an Excel spreadsheet of the claims.

o Settled a trip and fall claim, for $10,000.00, without an attorney, by maintaining control of claimant.

Frank Gates Companies, Rockville, MD 2003 to 2005

Claims Adjuster

Investigated documented damage and settled auto and general liability and 1st party property claims for the Montgomery County Self-Insurance Program.

o Settled a bodily injury claim for a minor by going through friendly suit.

o Adjusted a pedestrian knockdown claim for a bus accident with an elderly gentleman, who was seriously injured, for $90,000.00.

o Attended volunteer, office group sessions involving a method of memorizing medical terms.

o Adjusted a $1.1 Million 1st party fire claim for damage to an historic mansion. Cooperated with the excess carrier, settled the claim for the $250,000.00 self-insurance retention, and successful subrogation.

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Laurel, MD 1985 to 2003

Field Claims Representative II

Investigated documented damage and settled auto and general liability claims against the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (W.S.S.C.). Worked with all departments of the W.S.S.C., including maintenance, engineering, construction, the Office of the General Counsel and the Office of the General Manager. Worked with maintenance reports, charts, construction plans, and contracts. Claims included sewer backups, water main breaks, vehicle accidents, trip and fall claims, and contractor claims. Made recommendations to the maintenance department for preventive action. Appraised W.S.S.C. cars and handled subrogation. Made field inspections of scenes of accident / incident and inspected damages.

Prior Professional Experience

Underwriters Adjusting Company, Oakton, Va.

Claims Adjuster / Appraiser

Government Employees Insurance Company, Chevy Chase, MD.

Claims Adjuster

Royal Globe Insurance Company, Rockville, MD.

Multi-Line Field Claims Adjuster


University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Bachelor of Science, Business

Professional Education

Associate in Claims

Law for the Claimsman