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Architectural drafter

Hollywood, FL, 33020
September 04, 2008

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Lourdes Chávez

**** ******* ****** ***.#*

Mobile: 786- 356-8612

Hollywood, Florida 33020 (USA)

E-mail: ***********@*****.***


Design Architect with motivation to plan micro and macro spaces according the necessities of the human living with respect to construction codes and harmony with environment. Participated and won in different design competitions: Landscaping, Sport, Commercial, Health building designs. Designed single-family housing projects, multi-level townhouses, condominiums, apartment buildings projects.

Professional Experience

DEC 2005- JUL 2008

PTE Strand Co INC, Hialeah Florida


Worked in commercial post tension projects by coordinating the development of construction documents (Detailing), shipping schedules, and provision of field services, construction coordination, contact the contractor to develop a project with post tension structural: slabs, beams, bridges, etc.

JAN-APR 2005

Cities for Life (Non Profit Organization), Lima – Perú


Focus on the situation, problems and potentials of the cities on the coast of Peru regarding environmental management. The mission of this network is to find the best quality of life for the citizens with the support of the public, private, and community sectors.

AUG- DEC 2002

PROLIMA: Projects of Urban Development Planning in the Historic Center of Lima


Urban design focusing on relevant aspects of the historic Center of Lima and some Regions of Peru. With the support of different studies the principal problems in the city could be determined and alternate solutions were proposed.


JUL 1996 - AUG 2003

JUN – AUG 2003

Dr. Lucia Sanchez=Surveys, drawings and legal documentation for condos in Lima-Peru.

JUN-JUL 2002

Credit Peruvian Bank

To change the image of this bank it was necessary to survey and recondition some agencies/offices in Lima, with the support of a leading architect.

APR-MAY 2002

Clinic INPPARES (Institute for Parents with responsibilities)

This project involved designing an entire clinic including exteriors, interior spaces with these special areas: Magnetic Resonance, Tomography and Nuclear Medicine in addition to all other standard clinic areas. The design included researching other medical facilities, medical equipment, technical requirements and regulations.

JAN-MAR 2002

Mr. Luis Escalante = Developed a single-family housing project in Chaclacayo, Peru.

JUL 2001

Arch. Pilar Rodriguez =Elaborated a photorealist computer-perspective of a multi family building

MAY-JUN 2001

Christian and Missionary Alliance = Initial design for a church in Chaclacayo.

SEP-NOV 2001

Transmeridian Travel Agency in Lima

A new company began its service in a commercial district of Lima, it was necessary to decorate suitable spaces for the development of the objectives of the agency and the comfort of its future clients.

FEB-APR 2001

Arch. Luis Chirinos Torres

Support for various projects: Plans of architecture, single-family/multi-family dwellings, restaurants, bungalows, thesis, commercial-offices, etc

AUG 2000

Miss. Margot Campos

Remodeling/augmenting a single-family house in Chaclacayo-Lima. Desgin and drafting.

OCT –DEC 2000

Arch. Luisa Pantoja: Photorealist perspective of multi-family housing in San Borja-Lima.

APR-JUN 2000 & JAN-APR 1999


Decoration/remodeling of a new store in Ate-Vitarte in Lima in order to modernize the new big building it was necessary to apply new concepts of decoration and redesign new office spaces in this building. It was also necessary to renovate a subsidiary-store in La Victoria-Lima. Served as a design architect, decorator and project implementation supervisor.

JUN-NOV 1999

GMI S.A.: Graña y Montero Counsel Engineers

Developed photorealist perspectives of the projects: "New Computer Centre-Telephonic” (Telefónica of Spain) in Lince and Monterrico-Lima; “The Dining-room of GMI S.A. for Employees”, Architect in charge of: Miss Paola La Rosa.

MAY 1997-DEC 1998


Served as head of the architectural department of computer design. Management, coordination and design services for the computer design department encharged of elaborating drawings of dwellings, plots, digitalization, civil engineering, sanitary and electrical Installations, electronic models (photorealist perspectives and animations), etc.

MAR - APR 1997

CIA. SHOUGANG HIERRO PERU S.A.=Surveying and remodeling of offices.

NOV 1996–FEB 1997

CIA. of Construction: TIZON P.S.A.

Assistant to the senior design architect. Assisted with the plans, project designs for condominiums in Paracas-Ica.

MAY-JUL 1996

CIA. Construction: SMOC (Multiples Services and Civil Constructions S.R.L.);

As Site Architect was involved in the construction management of “Zone of Pedestrian Control in SUNAT”, San Luis, Lima. “Metallic Yards for EMAPE” (Pedestrian Bridge Hormec-Surco).

JUL-SEP 1996


Site architect for a road development project. Was responsible for the timely and quality delivery of the units, which includes inspection of structural members, concreting and rebar inspections, schedule monitoring: “Pavimentación -Almacen de la Naviera UNIMAR"-Callao.


JAN 1986 - NOV 1995

NOV 1994-NOV 1995

Thesis of Architecture - Ricardo Palma University

Developed and drew some axonometric perspectives (by ink-pen) for Thesis of Architecture.

MAY 1990–APR 1995

Arch. Ernesto Gastelumendi V. & Arch. Lillian Gastelumendi S.

Developed plans of landscape architecture: Green Zones at the Ricardo Palma Univ., Project of Cemetery: "Parque del Recuerdo" in Lurín, Remodeling of Parks in Barranco, etc.

Plans Installations Electric, remodeling of the illumination in the offices of Credit Bank,Plans of Architecture,Unifamiliar Houses: Ramirez Gaston's, Vandernotte's Houses Enrique Palacios' House, Remodeling – single-family home Plans of Architecture(Multifamily houses, Stores remodeling)

JAN -AUG 1988

Arch. Gerardo Nunez & Arch. Ivan Aguirre

Drawing of Arch. Plans: single-family and bi-family homes), Designs of houses and markets.

JAN-APR 1987


Drawings for architecture and structural plans (single-family and bi-family homes, Offices Building, Stores, Restaurants), plans of Architecture (Elevations, Perspectives of Structural Engineering)

JUL-SEP 1987


Drawings for architecture and structural plans (single-family and bi-family homes, Offices Building, Stores, Restaurants), plans of Architecture (Elevations, Perspectives of Structural Engineering)

JAN-AUG 1986

Eng. Moisés Salas

Drawings for architecture and structural plans (Factories, Stores, single-family and bi-family homes).


SEP 1, 2003 – SEP 24, 2004

Master of Arts in Urban Management

Institute of Housing and Urban Development Studies (

Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (

The Master of Arts program in Urban Management of Erasmus University provides intensive analytical graduate training and prepares students for careers in town planning, public services, consulting, financial institutions, and non-governmental organizations concerned with issues of urban development, planning and management. The curriculum stresses mastery of analytical skills in public management and economics.

Key courses:

Economic Analysis

Research Management Techniques 1 & 2

Urban Management 1 & 2

Land and Real Estate Management

Urban Economics

Cost-Benefit Analysis (Economic Analysis 2)

Urban Development Planning

Local Government Finance

Inner City Revitalization

Urban Information System

Infrastructure Finance

Strategic Planning

Urban Social Development

Transport Urban Development

Thesis: Urban Regeneration - The Case of Waterfront Redevelopment in Dublin Docklands

MAR 1996 (Diploma)

Degree of Professional Architect

Thesis: Center of Nutritional Investigation (Lurín, Perú)

August 1984 to December 1989 (Graduated)

Bachelor of Architecture

Ricardo Palma University (Lima, Perú)

Scholarships, Prizes and Memberships

Awarded / Scholar, Netherlands Fellowship Programme 2003-2004

FOURTH PLACE PRIZE: “Architectural National Contest Landscaper Ante-project: Chinese Park”. Designed in Lima (Oct-1,999)

HONOR PRIZE: “Architectural National Contest of design projects for the Sporting Coliseum Complex – Los Andes”. Developed in Tambo - Huancayo (May 1,997)

Member of the Peruvian School of Architects in Lima-Perú, Member N° 4511 (from 1996)

SECOND BEST PLACE IN HIGH SCHOOL: (1979-1983): Free Admission to the University.

Seminars & Training

English Language Proficiency and Accelerated Course in the International Language Institute: EUROIDIOMAS, Lima-Perú (October 2000-October 2001)

National Seminary: “ENCUENTRO LATINOAMERICANO DE ARQUITECTURA DEL PAISAJE”. Organized by "Peruvian Association of Landscape Architectural”, Lima-Perú (August 2,000)

International Seminary: "PLANIFICACION REGIONAL, URBANISMO Y RENOVACION URBANA. TENDENCIAS ACTUALES". Organized by Faculty of Architecture of Engineering National University (UNI) Lima-Perú (September 1,999)

French Language Technical Course. Language Institute in Ricardo Palma University, Lima-Perú (Aug-Dec 1989, Apr-Jul 1990)

Computer Skill

Computer-Aided Design and Architectural/Management (AutoCAD 2004): Development of plans in 2D and 3D. Development of Photorealist Perspectives and Animations in the 3dStudio VIZ design program (Studies realized in the Peruvian Institute: MACROTEC DATA).

Office XP applications, Internet and networking environments.

Language knowledge

Spanish - Native language

English - Advanced

French - Basic

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