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Director of New Media Content

Los Angeles, CA, 90028
September 18, 2008

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Jacqueline Markus

**** ********* *********

Suite 825 Los Angeles, California 90028

Phone 310-***-****


Objective: Looking to secure a long-term opportunity with a broadband, wireless, new digital media entertainment content provider that utilizes my diverse skills in the production medium of television, video, broadband, mobile deliveries and Content Management System operations.

Internet Television

February 2008- Present

mania TV Networks

Web Television 2.0

Director of Client Content Operations


Successfully drove company's monthly uniques from 2 million to 6 million across three-verticals while utilizing creative content marketing packages and achieving profitable distribution partnerships. Continuously generated repeat branded Integration advertising buys with media agencies based off of proven ROI campaign metrics packages, recap and highlight reels.

• Create and maintain digital content and distribution partnerships

• Work with media agencies to ensure client branded integration deliverables

• Create client integration calendar

• Process initial client Insertion Order

● Input, update and oversee internal CMS (Content Management System)

• Collect all creative media assets for website deployment

• Liaison between Executive Producers, Producers, marketing and web ops department

• Oversee on-set advert client integration

• Manage content and refreshes for internal website

• Supply weekly client ad hoc reports, weekly integrated reels and screen shots of product integration

• Ensure client(s) impressions, stream numbers and deliverables are met on a daily basis throughout the campaign

• Implement creative ideas to the client throughout the campaign

• Responsible for client(s) distribution relationships i.e. Broadband Enterprises, AOL TV, YahooTV and GYT Google/YouTube

• Strategic analytical analysis of advertisers currently running on network

• Build relationships with distribution partners on contractual agreements

• Meetings with internal Marketing Department for traffic buys and client campaign strategies

• Interface with and support sales team needs which includes reviewing RFP’s, creating client integrated reel samples and preparing PowerPoint presentations for incoming RFP’s

• Oversee and make recommendations on CPM value adjustments per each individually customized campaign.

• Continuously monitor Double-Click Dart and Atlas reports for creative rich media runs during campaigns

• Ensure client media and integration are met according to the campaign customized calendar in a timely manor

• Interface with Tech Ops department if needed for internal streaming reports and company website needs

• Work with client on all creative approvals

• Bi-weekly meetings with company CFO for client billing per customized campaign

• Creatively strategize company placement onto the client(s) calendar for the next quarter or production season

• Responsible for client(s) budgets

• Weekly reporting to President and CEO on current campaign on-goings and the following week’s integration schematic

• Act as department head while in company internal meetings on behalf of client(s) current integration

• Responsible for meeting clients guaranteed impressions, stream numbers, product integration per company-client contracted agreement

• Create client end-cap report and customized product integration reel for the end of the clients campaign

Current Client Integration Includes:

Doritos “The Quest”

Nikon “Ashton Kutcher’s pix campaign”

Wrigley 5



AT&T Youth Mobile

Blackberry and XM Radio

Broadband Television

Dave Networks

July 2007- February 2008

Director of Content Integration

Broadband TV & Multiple SBN platforms


Successfully populated multiple-categories within the Hewlett Packard QuickPlay™ platform tier for content providers. Handling streaming media, working with meta-data and internal CMS procedures under a 24-hour turn around deadline for the companies NATPE 2008 Convention demo launch.

● Work with large content partners on licensing agreements and release

● Organize, maintain, monitor and update internal CMS hub (Content Management System)

● Introduce and maintain relationships with the company’s content providers and aggregators

● Create meta-data for all outgoing content

● Communicate between multiple production teams for timely deliverable assurance

● Push content into multiple platforms per client calendar release

● Secure client content media and deliverables for multiple platform pushes

● Create unique client ID’s for each branded content provider

● Convert client metadata for multiple platform pushes

● Refresh client content per customized specifications

● Head weekly internal production team meetings

● Create original internal/external white paper media deliverables documents

● Set up and execute customized client work-flow

● Manage and update 3rd party content and ad tracking applications

● Manage multiple video streaming platforms

● Interface and update company CTO on internal CMS hub performance

● Key point person for Tech Ops client calls

● Research and evaluate market trends

● Analyze and execute company brand into top tier placements with SBN, Content partners website(s)

● Work with client(s) internal Tech Ops to meet acceptable company deliverables

● Oversee internal promo editors for timely promotional outputs

● Retrieve client Ad I/O’s, branded logos for re-sizing

● Head internal weekly production meetings

● Weekly post deliverable content and Ad report submissions

● Submit weekly delivery reports to company President and CEO

● Monthly ROI sweep reports

● continuously monitor & QC multiple SBN’s (Social Broadcast Networks) streaming content

● Update internal content tracking as needed

● Coordinate and execute multiple content deliveries simultaneously for company’s large branded channels

● Facilitate clients Ad Ops needs in conjunction with Content deliveries

● Continuously QA incoming client media- Monitor clients currently streaming media on all platforms

● Direct Ad Serving via Double-Clicks Dart for Publishers- Double-Click In-Stream for Content monitoring

● Organize internal Ad Ops bridge line meetings with new branded clients

● Work with name recognizable Branded Television partners for broadband television deliveries

● Oversee, motivate and track internal production and post production relating to all content and Ad Ops deliverables

● Fix internal Trac tickets as needed pertaining to large branded company content on all company sites

● Post pertinent content updates, schedules, reports, white paper docs internally to Base Camp as needed

● Create client FTP accounts and passwords

● Interface with company CTO (Chief Technical Officer) for internal RSS client feeds

● Create efficient post-production schedule and manage creation and deployment of content

● Identify and strategize highest profile placement for company content

Mobile Entertainment

August 2006 - June 2007

Zinger Mobile Com

Short-Form Clip Verizon VCAST

Director of Content Integration


Proposed and implemented internal content work-flow systems which improved the company's yearly mobile revenue contracts by 30% due to increased business via timely content deliverables into to Verizon's VCast tier.

• Manage content within the VCAST family tier once uploaded to the Platform

• Oversee weekly application 'Refreshes' in each VCAST category

• Responsible for VCAST media from concept to creation into final delivery execution

• Work with brand management from concept to full delivery

• Maintain premium tier positioning

• Keep editors on post-production schedule

• Interact with tech support, brand management and department heads for applications

• Meet with brand management for Platform-schedule naming conventions

• Work with outside vendors-content companies releasing licensed content

• Dailies Transfers to brand management through internal fiber via FTP

• Work with outside mobile content providers implementing mobile content Into Zinger's Platform airing schedule

• Work closely with studio brand management, marketing and production executives, as well as studio creative partners, to develop and produce short-form content

• Identify and prioritize opportunities to create content, promote properties, and build brands

• Lead creative teams and oversee production process; deliver content to distribution partners and sponsors on time and on budget

• Monitor the evolving business landscape; identify and understand market and consumer trends; evaluate competitive programming

• Troubleshoot technical Issues with Internal CMS, AVID, FCP systems

• Proven superior product quality timely deliveries on all VCAST deliverables

• Create, Approve and Oversee post-production workflow of outgoing clips for broadcast to VCAST

• Maintain relationship(s) Associated Press and outside content provider companies merging on Zinger's VCAST tier

TV (Freelance Projects)

November 2004- August 2006

Head of Post Production


Supervised Hi-Def post production for the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, WE Network and FLN. Improved internal Non-Linear work-flow to enable quick turnaround to networks. Instrumental in coordinating and facilitating the “Lingerie”, “Swimsuit” and “Wedding Gown Secrets Revealed” series shows simultaneously to the WE Network ahead of delivery schedule.

Organic Entertainment

Swimsuit Secrets Revealed WE Network

Wedding Gown Secrets Revealed WE Network

Lingerie Secrets Revealed WE Network

Cool Kids Parties FLN

Little Zoo Animal

• Primary liaison between creative department, executives and network

• Distribution of all work elements

• Interface and delegate post calendar tasks with Post Coordinator

• Create and maintain post log & master schedule(s)

• Script distribution including revisions to Co-producers

• Create delivery documentation - via TView

• Approve product placement via Associate Producer requests with executives

• Dirt list with editorial for final deliverables

• Confirm online editorial and audio synch

• Upload FTP editorial from outside production locations or via on-site fiber network

• Respond and comply with network notes and facilitate adjustments

• Troubleshoot AVID

• Digitize or oversee digitizing and string-outs for editorial

• Lock project with editors and executives

• Oversee edit and mix sessions, Online Sessions and confirm network delivery

Freelance TV

August 2001- November 2004

Post Production Supervisor


Implemented creative development process, hired full post-production staff and created new vendor relationships for future productions. Successfully achieved a promotion from Post Production Supervisor to the Head of Post Production within the first year.

Bunim Murray- PB&J Television

L.A. Riding Club TLC

Universal TV-Hallock Healey

Ma Grubbers (30 minute Pilot) CBS

Stage 29 Productions

Moochers CBS

Triage Entertainment

Cowboy U CMT

Intuitive Entertainment

Millionaires Club BRAVO

• Submit weekly stock outputs to Line Producer

• Set up and patch dubbing system

• Schedule of outputs and creation of all post and deliverable calendars

• Interface and delegate post calendar tasks with Post Production Coordinator

• Oversee and participate in compiling Sizzle Reel for Network

• Attend spot meetings

• Daily editorial reports to executives

• Weekly post-production report outputs- Executive Producers, Line Producer, Producer(s)

• Quality control outgoing dubs for network delivery

• Download outside editorial materials & delivery to post

• Schedule editors, assistant editors, post production coordinator, music supervisor

Triloka/Karuna Entertainment

May 1997- July 2001

Post Production Supervisor


Responsible for keeping production shows under the allotted 150k dollar post production budget during the term of delivery. Consistently met major network and cable television delivery expectations for final show out-put within a fast-paced, deadline driven environment.

Triloka/Karuna Entertainment

Rhythm of The Earth PBS

Geoffrey Oryema

Wailea EPK

Jai Uttal EPK

Golden Bottle Pictures

Last Stop Ramona PAX

Running Time Productions

Girls in Graffiti Court TV

Gold Circle Entertainment

Wasis Diop VH1

• Daily Liaison with production for receipt of facility drops

• Staff Post department positions including: Editors, Assistant Editor, Music Supervisor, Loggers and Transcribers

• Book edit sessions

• Coordinate multiple bay transfers to editors

• Oversee EDL Inputs to the AVID

• Supervise editor(s) daily production and cuts

• Set up and patch PilotWare Systems

• Distribution of hard elements

• Work with Sister Labels for licensing

• Coordinate and book talent

• Deliver dub orders to executives for corporate board presentation(s)

• Oversee archival material and releases

• Quality control final output

• Coordinate and distribute EPK’s to affiliates as needed

Work with large branded entertainment companies, production teams and Tech Ops (IT), retrieving content for multiple platform pushes. Creative and technical input executing, facilitating and overseeing a smooth content deployment transition from production through to final delivery. Continuously ensuring superior product delivery to broadband television, mobile space, cable television and/or major network(s).

Conversion Aspect Ratio Knowledge

FORMATS D1, D2, 1/2", 3/4", Beta SP, BetaCam, DVCAM, DigiBeta, DVD, VHS, DAT

COMPUTER Mac, PC, UNIX/SGI, AVID, FCP, Media 100, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Maya Fx, FileMaker Pro, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, Quark Xpress,PilotWare, Colledia, Movie Magic budget software, Toast, Type 80 WPM

POST AUDIO SOFTWARE Pro Tools, Digital Pro Sound, DVD Studio Pro 4, 56 Channel Input production mixing board, video/audio patching and signal reading capability

EDUCATION BA Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio

PERSONAL TRAITS Meticulous organizer, Excellent multi-tasker, Self-starter, Team player, Extremely creative, Comfortable in a fast paced environment, Work well under deadline pressure(s), People oriented, Positive upbeat personality, Sense of humor, Focused and Dedicated.

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